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PDP Crisis: Party leadership kicks as G5 governors make new plans



Reports have it that the G5 governors of the PDP are planning a mini-convention of their own.

This comes in the wake of the impending supplementary elections scheduled to take place on Saturday, the 15th of April.

To this end, the PDP has stated cautioned the governors not to take such steps as it could distract the party and affect its chances in the coming elections.


Speaking on the situation, a member of NEC who preferred to be anonymous gave his view, he said:

“A mini-convention at this time is a distraction that we can do away with. What should worry right-thinking PDP members is the so-called inconclusive governorship elections in Adamawa and Kebbi.

“We are more concerned about Adamawa because we have a sitting governor that the powers that be are planning to rig out and steal our mandate.


“So, if it’s true that some people want a mini-convention at this time, then, they are being insensitive and inconsiderate. They may as well be asking for chaos as if we have not had enough distractions already.

“More so, any proposal for mini-convention must get the approval of NEC. But many NEC members are currently brooding over the party’s misfortune in the last general election, especially our loss at the presidential election.

“Most NEC members and other stakeholders have shifted focus to the Presidential Election Petition Tribunal and other pending cases at the governorship and National Assembly tribunals.


“Those you said are planning to hold mini convention are free to go ahead with their fanciful idea. Don’t forget that the substantive PDP national chairman is only on suspension.

“We are still awaiting a court ruling in the matter pending before a High Court in Benue State. All that’s required to stop any mini convention or a semblance of it from holding, is for a member to approach the court for a restraining order.

“These people must know that nobody has the monopoly of obtaining restraining orders from our courts. This is the most inauspicious time for anyone to call for a mini-convention.”

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