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Coach Dapo Onamusi: Leading the Way to Personal Transformation and Growth in 2024



Coach Dapo Onamusi: Leading the Way to Personal Transformation and Growth in 2024
Dapo Onamusi

As we step into the promising realms of 2024, it’s natural to reflect on the past year and consider how we can make the upcoming one even better.

For many, 2023 was a roller coaster ride, marked by challenges and uncertainties. Some attributed their struggles to external factors like government policies, inflation, and economic downturns.

However, Coach Dapo Onamusi, a seasoned Mindvalley Certified Business Coach and founder of Dafix Company, believes that the key to a successful 2024 lies within ourselves.


Coach Dapo, with 25 years of experience in transforming individuals and businesses, understands that lasting change begins from within. He also underscores the power of nurturing valuable networks, as key to significant success.

In his words, “It’s not what you know that works for you, it’s who you know.” In a world where external forces can influence our plans and decisions, Coach Dapo advocates for a shift in perspective.

He asserts that we shouldn’t rely solely on external factors but rather create our plans and the circumstances that control them. “If your plans are still controlled by external forces around you, I’m afraid your 2024 may not change much. That would be insanity.


You need to create your plans within the control of the forces within you,” he advises. Coach Dapo’s track record speaks for itself. Last year, he organized a transformative 100-Days Challenge titled “THE NEW ME.”

This challenge empowered participants to unpack the limitations in their minds, discover their inner potential, and take massive actions. It was a resounding success, transforming over 100 lives in remarkable ways.

In 2024, Coach Dapo is taking things to the next level with a new Challenge called “LIMITLESS.” This challenge is designed to help individuals defy all perceived limitations, fully understand what they are capable of, tap into their inner strength, and manifest their deepest desires.


It’s a testament to Coach Dapo’s unwavering commitment to helping people break free from mental and material limitations.

As Coach Dapo Onamusi continues his mission to “take Africa and the world out of mental and material poverty, one person at a time”, he invites you to join him on this transformative journey.

Follow him on social media @dapoonamusi for more information and updates on the “LIMITLESS” Challenge. In conclusion, 2024 holds the promise of personal transformation and growth, and Coach Dapo Onamusi is leading the way. With his guidance and expertise, individuals have the opportunity to live their best lives yet in the coming year.


As he aptly puts it, “resolution is not enough, you need the right actions, which means being the right, person, knowing the right stuff and hanging with the right circle.”

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