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Nigeria’s Worst Airline: American Vlogger Calls Out Air Peace For Unprofessionalism



Air Peace Nigeria’s Worst Airline

An American tourism blogger has described Air Peace as Nigeria’s worst airline.

Infoexpert24 reports that Josh Cahill narrated his underwhelming experience while flying Air Peace from Kano to Lagos via Abuja and from Lagos to Johannesburg South Africa.

The vlogger revealed how his flight was delayed for several hours before his eventual departure from Abuja to Lagos. His luggage was also wrongly labeled and tagged for the wrong flight.

He was however fortunate to have recovered his bags at the carousel in Lagos on arrival, after having to explain to the baggage claims agent the reason for the wrong tags.


On the Lagos to Johannesburg leg of the flight, the take-off was also delayed for about 2 hours before eventual departure.

In his video on YouTube titled AIR PEACE – UNPUNCTUAL, UNSAFE, UNPROFESSIONAL, NIGERIA’S WORST AIRLINE, which has gotten a considerate amount of views in a short amount of time since it was uploaded, the Vlogger also made reference to the bank fraud charges pending against the Chief Executive Officer(CEO) of the airline Allen Onyeama in the United States.

Allen Onyeama CEO of Air Peace

Allen Onyeama CEO of Air Peace

Also highlighted in the video is the case of a child laying in a seat beside him unfastened and unsupervised by an adult.

The cabin crew also took to their phones as soon as the plane took off and could not prepare the plane for landing as it approached the tarmac, as it is practiced universally.


Some Nigerians commenting on the video affirmed the position of the Vlogger.

Watch the video below:



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