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Top 3 Business Internet Providers Los Angeles



Business Internet Providers Los Angeles

A city as large as Los Angeles offers its residents an abundance of ways to access the internet. Here, Infoexpert24 break down the top business internet providers Los Angeles can boast of in 2022.

Los Angeles has many providers of cable, fiber, IPBB, DSL, fixed wireless, and satellite internet. But which one is best for your business?

Infoexpert24 report explores them all so you can match the best internet service provider (ISP) to your needs and budget.

Residents of Los Angeles enjoy a vast array of internet options, more than what’s typically available in rural areas of America. Angelenos have access to broadband, fiber optic cable, and generally some of the best internet around as well as a bounty of provider options.


Whether you want to use your internet to stream shows, work from home, connect using video chat or all of the above, there is a standout provider in LA to meet your needs. We’ve rounded up the best internet providers in Los Angeles in a few important categories to help you narrow the field.

The best internet providers in Los Angeles

AT&T — Best for fast downloads
Starry Internet — Best for affordable internet
Spectrum — Best for internet and TV packages

Top 3 Business Internet Providers Los Angeles

1. Spectrum

Best internet, cable, and phone packages

spectrum-internet provider

If you want internet, cable, and a landline, Spectrum helps you get the most bang for your buck. Forless than $100 per month, you can get all three major services. If you’re willing to commit to 24 months of service, you can get bundles for under $90. The company doesn’t require contracts and signing up for a bundle with Spectrum qualifies you for their contract buy-out program. That means if you’re stuck in a contract with another provider, Spectrum will pay the fees associated with early cancellation, up to $500.

With internet speeds that start at 100Mbps, you can rest assured that your household can stream and video chat at the same time. The most affordable Spectrum package offers more than 125 cable channels – more than most other major competitors in Los Angeles.


2. AT&T

Best download speeds

att-internet provider

AT&T has some of the fastest download speeds on the market, with a connection speed up to1,000Mbpsand an upload speed up to 35Mbps on their fiber internet network.

Even users who are on the company’s DSL internet enjoy fast download speeds. The service’s connection speed reaches up to100Mbps — some of the fastest DSL internet we’ve seen. We’ve awarded it the best for downloads because you’ll notice a speed difference over other providers even if fiber is not yet available in Los Angeles. The 1 TB of data per month offer should also keep the entire family streaming, downloading, and uploading work documents, and connecting with the household virtual stable, even when everyone is connected at the same time.

AT&T requires no annual contract for internet service in Los Angeles, but the introductory price only lasts for 12 months of your service. As of May 4th, 2020, internet prices start at just under $50/month, with internet and TV bundles beginning at $79.98/month.

3. Starry Internet

Best affordable internet

starry internet provider - Business Internet Providers Los Angeles

This small internet company offers consistent, all-in pricing with no long-term obligation, making it perfect for most renters on a budget.

Starry Internet covers about 2 million households in the Los Angeles area, and they also do business in NYC, Boston, D.C., and Denver. The company charges $50 flat, with no added fees, and no introductory period. While other companies may offer a similar price model for the first 12 months, Starry customers continue to pay the same monthly charges. Included in the $50 monthly fees are the wireless router, 24/7 customer service, all fees and taxes, and up to 200 Mbps speed.


No long-term contracts are required, and there is no data cap. Starry only deals with internet service, so there are no bundles available, which makes the company a good option for customers who do not need cable TV and only care about reliable streaming speeds.

How we found the best business internet providers Los Angeles

Here are the primary factors we considered when recommending internet providers in Los Angeles.

  • Coverage: AT&T, Verizon, and Spectrum have some of the broadest internet coverage in Los Angeles. While other internet providers, such as Frontier or HughesNet, may also offer fast service or great prices – they only cover very select areas of Los Angeles. We stuck to the providers most relevant to a wider audience.
  • Value:We also considered the value of each internet service. We considered each provider’s offerings, the range of speeds, intro pricing periods, data caps, and other services important to the average internet user.
  • Customer Satisfaction:The companies we’ve chosen are rated very highly by theJ.D. Power Internet Service Provider Satisfaction Survey(AT&T and Spectrum) andTrustPilot(Starry Internet).

What internet providers are available in Los Angeles?

LA has more than a dozen internet providers, some with more availability throughout the city than others. AT&T and Spectrum have thebroadest coverage areas.


The best way to determine if a provider is available in your neighborhood is to use the provider’s website to “Check Availability” at your address

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