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Nigerians Reacts As Man Calls Ojukwu A Coward For Abandoning The Igbos During The Civil War



Reactions As Man Calls Ojukwu A Coward For Abandoning The Igbos During The Civil War

A social media influencer simply known as El-Crucifixio caused some kind of pandemonium on social media today after he called Chukwuemeka Ojukwu a coward who ran away and left his people to suffer during the civil war.

Yesterday was another posthumous birthday for the former Biafran leader and in honour of his heroic status, a social media user asked well meaning Igbos to state what they knew about him.

In response, rather than praising Late Ojukwu for his act of bravery which many would have expected, El-Cruxifixio better known as Cross on social media called Ojukwu a coward.


According to Cross, Ojukwu led his people to war and abandoned them to be slain by the Nigerian army. Not stopping at that, Cross also made a statement about some things Ojukwu said.

He wrote “Our detractors may see this as a collapse, as me deserting my people and responsibilities. Our enemies would say that. God willing I shall be back among you soon.” These were his exact words, but he never came back.

He further disclosed that while a lot of Igbo brothers and sisters may get angry with his statement, he would rather die by his army than allow them get slain like dogs in the name chasing peace with the oppressors.

This statement no doubt created a lot of reactions online as people shared different opinion concerning Ojukwu and why he left Nigeria during the civil war. Some blamed him and called him a coward while others said he did the right thing.

Here are some of the comments


Kelvin Odanz “He wasn’t just a coward that led his people to a war he was unprepared for, he ran away and ensured he went with his Benz and other luxury items while running. Then he came back few years later to the Nigeria he fought against to now come and contest for President. Fucking clown.”

Harshirama Senju “I understand some aspects of the war but his running away with his luxurious items, his caricature of presidential ambition are things I don’t understand. And I always believed that if we had gotten Biafra, that he would have become a dictator and a president for life.”

Uchenna_omooba “He ran to fight another day , even if we call him a coward for leaving the country, let me ask you was he a coward for calling all igbos home after the killings and pogrom in the north ? We need to remember that he tried diplomatic moves severally, don’t judge him.”


Obi of Onitsha “How can you call Ojukwu a coward?? The decision to leave was unanimously agreed by the Biafran elites. And Ojukwu never instigated any form of violence while he was away on exile.”

Chaigzy “Nwanne You see this line of thought ehn, hmmmn. It is the same reason I don’t rate NK. You can’t ask us to enter street, be ready to die for a cause and go into hiding or “Ben Johnson” when the matter gets tough but we ain’t ready yet cos of sentiment.”

King of Cruise “Thought I was the only one who felt like this….He told his Left Cononel Philip He Was Gonna Come Back But He Didn’t & That One Was Forced To Surrender Due To The Hunger & Condition Of Our Igbo Brothers. He’s not just a coward but a rat. Was Taught In A History Class, JSYK..”

J.Werner “The one wey pain me pass na Upon return, he joined again with said Nigeria, contesting elections and in an interview, condemned any thoughts of Biafra again. Killing the struggle and making it look like those who died had died for nothing.”


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