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Trump Winning? CNN Believes He Can Win In This State



Trump Winning? CNN Believes He Can Win In This State

President Donald Trump has received a major boost in his race to be re-elected by the People of American for a second term amidst his earlier call of his votes being rigged.

The Republican who took to the limelight to call for a sudden stop in the counting of elections, asserting that he will win easily if all votes are legally counted, sparked up mixed reactions from all over the World.

On Friday, November 6, 2020 CCN took to the public to confirm that Trump could win his democrat counterpart., the Former Vice President of United States, Joe Biden who has been giving him sleepless nights.


While Fox News maintained their string stand that Biden could win in Arizona, CNN was of a different opinion over the same.

“CNN reports the Trump campaign is ‘right’ that the President can win Arizona. “That’s why nobody over here has called this state yet. Donald Trump still very much has a pathway here,”

Fox News and Associate Press have been poked holes for calling Biden as the winner in Arizona before the votes were counted, and attack that can see things take a different direction as expected by the Democrat and his supporters.

However, the director of Fox News Decision Desk, has maintained that Trump cannot bridge the wider gap created by Biden in a short period of time, asserting that it is too great for Trump to claim.

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