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Todd Boehly orders Mauricio Pochettino not to pick Chelsea star for Matches



Todd Boehly orders Mauricio Pochettino not to pick Chelsea star for Matches
Mauricio Pochettino, Manager of Chelsea (Image: Clive Mason)

In a surprising turn of events, Mauricio Pochettino at the helm of Chelsea‘s managerial reins has disclosed that he is operating under a directive from the board which prohibits him from selecting a prominent Chelsea star for the upcoming fixtures.

This revelation comes alongside Mauricio Pochettino‘s admission that he has not engaged in any dialogue with the player since assuming his role.

Despite Chelsea’s substantial investments in procuring fresh talents, including the recent victories over Liverpool in securing Moises Caicedo and Romeo Lavia, the club has also witnessed the departure of key players.


The likes of Kai Havertz, Mason Mount, and Mateo Kovacic have bid farewell to Stamford Bridge, embarking on new chapters with Arsenal, Manchester United, and Manchester City respectively.

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Nonetheless, as the transfer deadline approaches, the club finds itself entangled in an impasse concerning certain players considered surplus to the squad’s requirements.


Notably, Romelu Lukaku a formidable force on the field remains a part of Chelsea’s roster as Todd Boehly endeavors to find a suitable offloading solution for the forward who commanded a staggering £97.5 million fee in 2021.

Pochettino, the adept Argentine tactician has now brought to light the directive that restricts him from fielding Belgium’s prodigious talent, Lukaku and remarkably he has not even engaged in any personal discourse with the player since his induction into Chelsea’s managerial echelons.

The complex situation surrounding Lukaku has further been compounded by his hesitance to embrace a move to Saudi Arabia, despite a £35 million offer tendered by Juventus.


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Meanwhile, his former club Inter Milan finds itself financially incapable of shouldering his wage demands, preventing a reunion on that front.

Speaking on this intricate matter, Pochettino said: “The situation with the player you are asking, is a situation that was already really clear before we arrived here. There was a wish between the club and the player to try to find a solution.


‌”At the moment we are relaxed and nothing happened. If something changes we will inform you. If the player and club’s wish is to find a solution, it’s not me, it’s them.

‌”In that case, the player and the club will meet and inform me that things have changed. I’m not going to move until the club or the player wants to talk with me. I am here, I accept the situation that was here when I arrived.”

The Chelsea manager, however, hasn’t completely ruled out Lukaku returning to the fold.


“The future can change things. Life can change,” he added. “I saw Jurgen Klopp say I’m not going to be in this business when we should pay £100million, and then they offered £100million for Moises Caicedo and he said: ‘Oh, I made a mistake.’

‌”That is the same situation. In football, the dynamic is fast and changes and we need to move on.

“Today, nothing has changed. If something changes we will adapt to the situation.”


In the wake of Pochettino’s candid revelations, the football fraternity awaits the eventual denouement of this intricate saga, all while acknowledging the dynamic nature of the sport and the potential for unforeseen twists that could ultimately redefine the narratives in play.

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