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Raheem Sterling aims dig at Graham Potter after Chelsea defeated Luton



Raheem Sterling aims dig at Graham Potter after Chelsea defeated Luton
Chelsea forward Raheem Sterling celebrates his wonderful solo goal against Luton Town

Raheem Sterling aimed a slight dig at former manager Graham Potter after his man-the-match performance in Chelsea’s win over Luton Town on Friday night.

In a spectacular display of skill and resurgence, Raheem Sterling orchestrated Chelsea‘s triumphant 3-0 conquest over Luton Town, leaving fans awestruck and heralding the dawn of the Mauricio Pochettino era with a resounding victory.

Sterling in his newfound glory registered a brace of exceptional goals on either side of halftime, setting the stage ablaze at Stamford Bridge.


The icing on the cake came as he seamlessly orchestrated summer signing Nicolas Jackson‘s first goal for the Blues, solidifying his stature as a key contributor to the team’s triumph.

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It was a performance reminiscent of Sterling’s illustrious days with Manchester City, a level of play that had seemingly been relegated to the annals of memory since his transition to Stamford Bridge last summer.


The stark transformation from his previous struggles can be traced back to his stint under former manager Graham Potter, who often deployed Sterling in uncharacteristic positions and deeper roles, leading to a series of unfortunate outcomes during his tenure.

Yet, Pochettino’s influence has worked wonders, breathing new life into Sterling’s game. The English star subtly directed a veiled remark towards his former manager, shedding light on the significance of Pochettino’s guidance and the vital aspect of playing in a style that aligns with his strengths.

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Reflecting on the match, Raheem Sterling candidly shared with Sky Sports in the post-match interview, “I was happy, obviously I think we started half decent against Liverpool and then with the loss last week [against West Ham] we needed to get a win here, I’m just happy to contribute with that’

‘It was a bit of frustration from last season from myself personally because I felt like I was always coming with my back to goal. A bit deep and I wasn’t giving myself enough chances to get into the box.

‘I had a conversation with the gaffer earlier last week and we’ve gone through the role and I know exactly what he needs from me and it’s as simple as that, I need to get on the back foot and do what I do and drive at players and get on it and that’s when I’m most effective.


‘I came in a difficult period, that’s all finished.. I think the most important thing, I’ve had a look at myself and I’m a person who always tries to analyse what I’ve been doing, what I’ve done wrong, what I can change.

‘I want to get back being obsessed with football – simple as that. Football 24/7, scoring and assisting goals.

‘In the first game against Liverpool, I was inside the pocket a bit too much and that was my feeling last season when I was too deep playing balls with the full backs.


‘We had a simple conservation and he [Pochettino] said, “Raheem it doesn’t matter where you play – as long as you apply it, are dynamic, then no-one can stop you, just be aggressive with the ball”. I’ve got the desire and hunger to do that.

‘A lot has happened in my career. I came into a new challenge and it was difficult. My head could be a bit blurry – sometimes you need to have a clear vision to see what you want.

‘My love for football is too strong for it to fizzle out and I want to make sure I’m maintaining those standards.’


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Sterling’s remarkable renaissance serves as a testament to the transformative influence of Pochettino and marks the promising commencement of a new era for Chelsea under his guidance.

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