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Ghanaian Pastor drags Nigerian leaders to the ‘Mud’ – watch video



A renowned Ghanaian pastor called Enoch Aminu of the Pure Fire Ministries has dragged Nigerian politicians to the mud as he revealed some mystery about Nigerians.

During a sermon at the church, the cleric noted that whenever a nation appoints a dull leader, the citizens will also look dull comparing to the fact that Nigerians are brilliant people but their leaders are their problem.

He stressed that they do not have brain for so many profitable things but only a brain to steal money.


In his words;

when you appoint a leader that is dull, everybody in that nation will look as if they are dull but Nigerians are brilliant people,

In all the universities in America, Nigeria, they are top-notch, but their leaders, they are dull.


No brain of business, no brain of future, no brain of infrastructure, no brain of raising people but they have only brain to steal money

Watch Video Here;

More about pastor Enoch Aminu

Pastor Enoch Aminu is a conference speaker, an Anointed Man of God, who is totally devoted to the things of God in a dimension that can’t be rivalled. He is a prophet par excellence, mandated to preach the mysteries of the Bible with signs and wonders, Peace, Progress and Prosperity through Our Lord Jesus Christ across the Globe.

He Founded and Presides over “Enoch Aminu’s Ministries” and ” Pure Fire Miracles Ministries International” that brings liberty and upliftment to spiritual captives.

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