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Has Nengi Finally Accepted To Date Ozo? Check Out Their PDA (Photos)



Has Nengi Finally Accepted To Date Ozo? Check Out Their PDA (Photos0

Nengi seems to have finally fallen in love with Ozo as both Ex BBNaija housemates can’t seem to let go of each other.

Infoexpert24 can recall that while they were both in BBNaija Lockdown house, Nengi made it clear to Ozo that she was not ready for any kind of relationship despite several attempt from the’Ultimate light skin’

There was various relationships that occurred while they were still in the house, some were left hanging waiting to know if the feelings were true ,an example of such relationship that was undefined and confusing till this day was Kiddwaya and Erica, Nengi and Ozo.


Nengi and Ozo literally toyed with their fans and shippers emotions while they were in the house. One of the most confusing relationship was that of Ozo ,Nengi and Dorathy.

At first people thought Ozo was falling in love with Dorathy because of how he described her as his only female friend in the house, the viewers started shipping them.

Later on we started seeing that Ozo has feelings for Nengi which he made several attempts to woo her in the house by following about in the house, and cooking for her but Nengi remained unbothered because according to her she had a “situationship” out side the house.


According to Nengi she said she needed to get clarifications from her boyfriend if they would continue from where they stopped before she entered the house.

After the show ended and they stepped out of the house for their media rounds, in one of Nengi’s interviews she was asked if her and Ozo were dating, her reply was that her relationship with Ozo is nobody’s business and she wouldn’t entertain such question. This also was repeated by Ozo who gave a vague answer as to their plans as a couple.

It was surprising when “Eagle eyes” spotted Nengi shopping with Ozo at Lagos Island yesterday like couples. These two persons who said they didn’t have plans of dating has been together since they left the show


This same people that denied not dating each other were spotted doing what couples do. Has nengi finally fallen for Ozo?

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