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Why Erica And Kiddwaya Unfollowed Each Other On Instagram



Why Erica And Kiddwaya Unfollowed Each Other On Instagram

Kiddwaya and Erica just unfollowed each other on Instagram.

Infoexpert24 understands that the two love birds allegedly may have called their relationship quit following some irreconsilable differences.

Following this findings on social media, the Kiddrica shipper are going to have a field day today, because the ship they have been building for months, appears to be sinking.


Kiddwayaand Erica have been on friendly terms for a while now, and Kiddwaya was seen hyping her and always gasing her up every chance he gets. The reason behind this spontaneous action is quite confusing, as many have been waiting for a versace wedding.

Here are the two reasons that might have prompted this peculiar action by Kiddwaya and Erica

A couple of days, remember Kiddwaya posted something about Laycon’s song, and elites were very much pissed at Kiddwaya for daring to include Laycon’s song on his playlist, and they told him the song is invisible on the list he made.

Again, Erica has always been pro-relationship, and Kiddwaya was seen always mentioning his reluctance to commit to a relationship, after weeks of ending the show, the two of them are still at friendship level, and it could be that since neither of them want the same thing, they saw it as the right time to cut each other off for good.


Some elites are hoping that they are just cruising and trying to play a game on them, and they might later come back together to tell them that it is all a prank. Well, let’s watch and see how this all unfolds.

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