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Money or sex: which can a relationship really do without?



If one of these two important things is to be dropped from your relationship, which would you give up , money or sex?

Why do guys like sex so much, women would ask. And as retort, men would often ask: why do women like money and material things so much? On and on goes the debate between both genders when relationship issues are being discussed.

Undoubtedly, a relationship which will thrive must possess both of these things and a lot of other relationship needs. But for the sake of this piece, let’s consider a situation where one of these things has to go. If it comes to it, which one of money or sex can a relationship do without? Mind you, a relationship not marriage. If you had to choose only one of them for your relationship to thrive, what would it be?


If every other thing such as honesty, faithfulness, communication, trust affection, and quality time, etc are already present, but you can only have one of sex or money alongside them, which would the wise choice be?

Why sex can’t go

The importance of sex has been spoken about over and over again. To be in a relationship where intimacy is on point, where the bond is strong as deep, a sexual connection and physical chemistry is needed. And everyone in romantic and sexual relationships knows this.


More than everything else, what makes sex such an important, indispensable thing is how much of a basic need it is. It ranks high up there behind food and water for many people. Aside these needs, the need for sexual gratification is such an essential part of adult life.

That is why both men and women harp on its necessity in their romantic relationships. People want to get laid, and they want it done really nicely and regularly.

Why money can’t go


Just close your eyes for a bit and imagine a relationship in which both partners are terribly broke; one in which relationship things like communication is made difficult because of basic things such as phonecall and data bills. Of course, we are not going to deny the possible success of such relationship.

Love has been known to thrive in every form of circumstance. What is well-known, however, is that money makes love sweeter and easier to express.

A well-funded relationship is surely going to be filled with more thrills. Dates, gifts, adventures, etc… all these things keep your relationship fun and multi-dimensional.


And it does not even have to the super-wealthy relationships. Everything just makes sense in a relationship when one or both people in it can afford certain things.


Like we already said above, every great relationship has a balanced bit of everything – from the tangible to the intangible things, and that is the best kind of dream to chase when trying to create a relationship with a man or woman. A relationship which has great sex, is properly funded and has every other thing that makes relationships run smoothly.


When money and sex are isolated from the lot, however, and the importance and impact each one has on relationships is weighed against the other, then there can be no doubt that money is of more importance. Sex really has to go.

When in a relationship, partners are meant to spend time together and do as many fun things together as possible. Sex really has to wait till they are married.

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