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My husband paid N580K for my bride price and has refused to help my family members – Elohor Okudu laments



A Nigerian Lady Identified asElohor Okudunarrates how her husband has refused to help her own family members after paying almost N580k bride Price.

The story was shared by a twitter user identified as @SmartAtuadi, the lady is seeking a professional advice as the issue bothers her.

She Wrote:“I got married 8 months ago, my hubby earns 70k monthly while I am yet to get a job, during our wedding ceremony, hubby spent about 580k on the list given to him for the traditional wedding, I persuaded my parents to reduce the list but they said it is a must and a tradition.”


“He raised the money alone as I wasn’t working and I was unable to help monetarily. After the marriage I recommended that he ought to send something month to month to my parents as he do ship off his parent as well, yet incredibly the answer he gave me was that he didn’t owe my parents anything that they have collected all they are entitled to from him, at first I was not furious about that, until my yonger brother needed to get married and his lady family gave him rundown of things for the conventional wedding which is added up to 400k.”

“My father at that point shared the costs and advised my significant other to contribute 120k towards my sibling’s wedding however incredibly, my better half said no and revealed to me that my family has gathered all they needed during our wedding and they shouldn’t come to him for any money related help this got me furious and I disclosed to him that he is not responsible.”

“Since that time, we have been living like outsiders in the house, he doesn’t converse with me, he has quite recently been minding his own business, and I have never seen him this way not even in our 2 yrs of dating. kindly advise me on what to do to savor the situation.



Image580 thousand naira, on 70 thousand naira salary, I bet he is still paying off debt, Just give him time, during my sisters traditional marriage my parents reduced the list very well for him, Please parents should try and help out too.

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