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Fact Check: DSTV wasn’t hacked, checkout reason why all channels are showing without subscription



There is trending report on social media that popular satellite television provider, DSTV and GoTv have been hacked and all channels now accessible regardless of subscription or packages.

DSTV not hacked

Nigerians are alleging that Anonymous, an online network known for launching cyberattacks against government institutions has hacked MultiChoice which disrupted their service, opening all channels for free.

However, the allegation is nothing but a mere rumor. There has been no statement from MultiChoice confirming the hack. More so, four days ago, they sent mails to all their subscribers, informing them of upgrade exercise that will commence on October 17, 2020.


According to the mail sent by MultiChoice to all DSTV and GoTv subscribers, the upgrade will run from October 17, 2020 to October 19, 2020. It is necessary to improve the service delivery.

Check mail;



It is the remotest reason why the sudden airing of channels for free. Until an official statement from MultiChoice, confirming the hack, disgraced the rumours.

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