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Dani Alves Accuses Ex Barca President Josep Bartomeu Of “prostituting” Barcelona



Dani Alves accuses Ex Barca President Josep Bartomeu of "prostituting" Barcelona

Dani Alves has accused ex Barcelona club president Josep Maria Bartomeu, of “prostituting” the club.

Infoexpert24 reported that Bartomeu reign as Barca president recently came to an end as he announced his resignation along with the entire board.

Bartomeu’s position became untenable over the summer, when Lionel Messi tried to leave the club in an extraordinary turn of events.


Barca have struggled for results in La Liga and became the talk of the summer after Lionel Messi handed in a transfer request – which ultimately went nowhere – but Alves has now accused Barcelona of becoming a “commercial team” and losing their identity.

The Former Barcelona defender Alves said: “If you change the philosophy of the club, you will go through difficulties. Barca have lost their identity. You must go through that process and get it back.

“What makes Barca different is their style and their values. In life you should not try to be what you are not. Barca are trying to be a commercial team, instead of being a team with their own personality.


Dani Alves is not just a fine footballer, but also a compassionate human being which is why he is so concerned with what’s going on at his former club. Recall in 2014 FIFA World Cup, after Brazil defeated Colombia by 2–1 in the crucial quarter-finals, Alves and his teammate David Luiz were applauded by media for comforting opponent’s player James Rodriguez.

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