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Chelsea, Arsenal, And Spurs On ‘Thin Ice’ As They Get Points Deduction Warning After Explosive FFP Statement



Chelsea, Arsenal, And Spurs On 'Thin Ice' As They Get Points Deduction Warning After Explosive FFP Statement

Arsenal, Chelsea, and Tottenham have been thrust into the spotlight, facing a stark points deduction reminder hot on the heels of Nottingham Forest and Everton’s confirmed Financial Fair Play (FFP) charges.

The Premier League delivered a resounding message as all 20 clubs were mandated to lay bare their financial accounts for the 2022/23 season by December 31.

The revelation that both Everton and Forest exceeded the prescribed limit over a three-year rolling period has sent shockwaves through the league.


Everton, having already tasted the bitterness of a 10-point deduction earlier in the season due to a previous financial transgression, find themselves precariously sliding down the table under the weight of their financial missteps.

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The threat of a second similar penalty looms large, potentially sounding the death knell for Everton’s top-flight aspirations.

Meanwhile, Nottingham Forest, grappling with their own FFP challenges, now face the ominous specter of increased relegation threats.


The Premier League heavyweights, Chelsea, Arsenal, and Tottenham, can ill-afford to dismiss this points deduction reminder lightly, as the league’s financial watchdogs tighten the screws, making it abundantly clear that no club is beyond scrutiny.

“Everton FC and Nottingham Forest FC have each confirmed to the Premier League that they are in breach of the League’s Profitability and Sustainability Rules (PSR),” a Premier League statement on Monday read. “This is as a result of sustaining losses above the permitted thresholds for the assessment period ending Season 2022/23.

“In accordance with Premier League Rules, both cases have now been referred to the chair of the Judicial Panel, who will appoint separate Commissions to determine the appropriate sanction. Commissions are independent of the Premier League and member clubs. The proceedings are heard in private with the Commission’s final decisions made public on the Premier League’s website. The League will make no further comment until that time.”


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Following news of Everton’s first deduction, Gary Neville delivered a firm verdict on the likes of Arsenal, Chelsea, Tottenham and several others for their part in attempting to create a European Super League.

Plans for the new competition were hijacked by fans with each English club that had initially agreed to partake, ultimately pulling out.


Neville told Sky Sports: “I can see why Everton fans are extremely annoyed. Did that offence warrant the largest sporting sanction that the Premier League have ever handed out? Compared to some of the offences we’ve seen, where the top clubs have been scooting behind each other’s backs, trying to work out a way to destroy the ethos of English and European football.

“From my point of view, they feel harshly treated after the six clubs that tried to walk away with the crown jewels got fined £3.5m, we accept it’s a different offence. I can see why they’re annoyed. Is it a start of a new wave of authority from the Premier League?”

The stage is set for a high-stakes showdown, and the football world eagerly awaits the next chapter in this gripping saga.

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