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Actress Chacha Eke marriage of 7-years crashed (Video)



Nollywood actress Chacha Eke-Faani has announced the end of her marriage to her hubby. Austin Faani.

Divorce and cases of separation in the entertainment industry always make news headlines and trend for a long time on social media.

Some celebrity marriages, which are often staged amidst pomp, tend to crash as fast as they are contracted.


In an emotional video shared on her Instagram page this morning October 3, Nigerian Actress and mum of three beautiful kidd said she is leaving the marriage with her life and would share her story someday.

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”You will say I am crazy but I am not. This video is to let the world know that I am done with the marriage. I don’t have a lot to prove that I am done with him but I am done. I’m done. I am leaving with my life finally. I can’t say a lot now. You will hear my story”she said

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Why Are Divorce Rates So High Amongst Celebrities?


They Enter Into Relationships Too Hastily

There Is An Intense Amount Of Pressure On Celebrity Relationships

They, Personally, Are Under A Lot Of Stress


They Have Less Economic Pressure To Stay Together

There Are More Temptations And Opportunities To Stray

Chacha Eke (@ChachaEke4) | Twitter

Celebrities are like the popular kids in school. We all know them at some level and have an idea on what kind of people they are based on their interviews, news about them, etc. So even celebrities can and do develop crushes on each other over their image in the media. When you’re in a relationship with one of them, you get to see the real them.


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From a movie/music star, they go to being someone’s son, the guy who has a crazy uncle, the guy who gets scared of spiders, the guy who is not romantic at all or too mushy, the guy who smells bad in the morning.

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Some people get disappointed when they see those things because when they met the celebrity, they had expectations over their image, and expectations usually bring disappointment. And some people tolerate the things they dislike about real them for a while, they think they like the things they actually dislike, and those become unavoidable when you’re married.

Busy schedule


Actors, models, singers, directors, even some writers travel a lot. They spend months away from home at times. If a woman is celebrity and her husband isn’t, it’s easier to manage the schedule, the man can travel with his wife. Though even then, the man might find it too tiring after a while and want to settle down somewhere instead of going from one place to another all the time,

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Chacha Ee and her hubby celebrated their 7th wedding anniversary in June 2020.



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