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Arsenal Star Taunts Manchester United After Newcastle Loss [Video]



Arsenal Star Taunts Manchester United After Newcastle Loss [Video]
Arsenal Star Taunts Manchester United After Newcastle Loss [Video]

Arsenal midfielder Thomas Partey couldn’t resist taking a swipe at Manchester United after their disappointing loss to Newcastle on Sunday.

The Red Devils, who had been in the mix for the Premier League title not too long ago, have fallen out of contention after a string of poor results.

A crushing 7-0 defeat at Anfield by Liverpool, a draw against Southampton and a 2-0 loss to Newcastle at St James’ Park have all contributed to their slide down the table.


They currently sit in fifth place, although they have two games in hand on fourth-placed Tottenham.

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In contrast, Arsenal are enjoying a seven-game winning streak in the Premier League and are sitting pretty at the top of the table with an eight-point lead over Manchester City.


Partey, who was clearly in high spirits after Arsenal’s latest win over Leeds, took the opportunity to tease their short-lived title rivals United while dining at a restaurant.

The Ghanaian midfielder was accompanied by media personality Nana Aba, who shared a clip of Partey on social media attempting to send a message to Arsenal supporters.

While it’s not uncommon for footballers to take digs at their rivals, Partey’s jibe seems somewhat random and out of context, especially given Arsenal’s own struggles in recent seasons.


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Nevertheless, it’s clear that the Gunners are enjoying their current form and are eager to maintain their momentum in the Premier League title race.

‘Arsenal fans, I am with your super-duper midfielder, Thomas Partey,’ she says in a clip uploaded to her social channels. ‘Thomas, say hello to your fans.’


After a little back-and-forth, Partey had a spoonful of dessert before looking down the camera and saying: ‘You’re welcome, join us in celebration of [Manchester] United’s loss.’

Partey had a mischievous look on his face after delivering his put-down, while Nana Aba stared in stunned silence with her mouth wide open after the unprompted taunt.

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