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United Kingdom inches towards war with Russia as NATO runs out of time to stop Vladimir Putin – Fabian Hoffman



United Kingdom inches towards war with Russia as NATO runs out of time to stop Vladimir Putin - Fabian Hoffman
Russian President, Vladimir Putin (Image: AP - Sergey Guneev)

A renowned expert has sounded the alarm, suggesting that the United Kingdom is teetering on the brink of war with Russia, and time is rapidly running out for NATO, including key allies like the United States.

Fabian Hoffman, a distinguished doctoral research fellow affiliated with the Oslo Nuclear Project, delivered a chilling warning on the state of affairs, shedding light on what he perceives as a looming geopolitical crisis.

Hoffman’s ominous proclamation, featured prominently on X, contends that the world is on the precipice of a conflict much closer than the general populace might comprehend.


The intricate geopolitical dance between NATO and Russia has reached a critical juncture, with the stakes higher than ever before.

In a detailed analysis, Hoffman expounds on the urgency facing Western nations, particularly the US and the UK, emphasizing that a mere two to three years remain to rebuild the deterrence capability crucial for maintaining stability.

The intricate balance of power is at risk, and the repercussions of failing to address this geopolitical tinderbox could be catastrophic.


He continued: “The message to NATO governments: Don’t come to the support of your eastern European allies unless you want to see your population suffer.”

While Western allies have provided support to Ukraine, Mr Hoffman believes the current war will give Russian President Vladimir Putin reason to believe he can compete with NATO on a war footing.

He said: “Here’s the thing: The ongoing war in Ukraine is teaching Russia a crucial lesson – that the West lacks resolve. Domestic disunity and endless discussions about escalation only reinforce Russia’s belief that NATO will back down when push comes to shove.


“I am with the Eastern European states that we have at best two to three years from today to re-establish a credible deterrence posture vis-à-vis Russia. Otherwise, we run the grave risk that Russia is going to challenge us, sooner rather than later.

“What we need, especially in Europe, is a whole-of-society effort to get our affairs in order. There’s no denying that this will come with a significant cost, but I fail to see any other viable option. Considering worst-case scenarios, as we should, time has already run out.”

The UK appears to be joining its NATO allies in preparing for the worst-case scenario

Defence Secretary Grant Shapps is set to announce that 20,000 British troops will join one of NATO’s biggest military drills since the Cold War.

Foreign Secretary David Cameron told Sky News on Sunday that “the lights are absolutely flashing red on the global dashboard” due to “so much danger and insecurity and instability in the world”.


Mr Shapps added: “Not only have you got the state, so the Putins of this world and Iran… but you’ve also now got the non-state actors as well, that sort of terrorism that we saw [at] the beginning of this century, individual actors. said the defence secretary.

“And because of that, this is a more unstable and difficult world. And that’s really the big theme of the speech that I’m making this morning.”

As diplomatic tensions escalate, the world watches with bated breath, and questions abound regarding the strategies and diplomatic maneuvers required to avert a potential clash


The geopolitical chessboard is set, and the international community grapples with the pressing reality that time is of the essence in preventing a geopolitical upheaval that could reverberate across the globe.

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