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Traffic Gridlock: Nollywood Star complain about Lagos Hardship



Nollywood star, Jumoke Odetola, has cried out about the incessant traffic gridlock in Lagos.

Lagos is one of the most populated states in Nigeria, however, in terms of land mass, it is one of the smallest, this and other factors have led to the city being famous for its unforgiving traffic gridlocks.

Several administrations have promised and indeed tried to solve the perennial problem of the Lagos traffic but none so far has been able to come up with a sustainable solution to the problem.


In the past week, the traffic took a turn for the worst especially for those living in parts of the mainland as construction work in key intersections has meant that commuters spend several hours in traffic.

Expressing frustration, Odetola stated that something should be done fast to solve the issue. She complained that not only is the situation worse for business, but it also affects the quality of life of the citizens.

“Shege vs Shege Banza.
“Yesterday, I saw shege, shege saw me. Today again, the shege continues, shege is looking at me and smiling. In fact, shege is romancing me.


“How can somebody have long life and prosperity in this Lagos, with this crazy traffic?

“Yesterday, I finished work at 4 pm.

“I didn’t get home until 2 am (Ajah – Magodo)…10hrs! Lagos to Lagos! Time that could have been put into productive work or relaxation,” she said.


“This morning again, Lagos – Ibadan Expressway is marking the attendance of wickedness, it’s doing competition of na me wicked pass. Woos, e be like say na to dey sleep for house sure pass. Independent woman in the mud, I no do again,” she added.

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