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Top Insurance Companies In Luxembourg 2023



Top Insurance Companies in Luxembourg
Insurance Companies in Luxembourg

Looking for an Insurance company to insure your property and your loved ones in Luxembourg, look no further as this article provides you with every information you need.

Here you will find the most well-known insurance companies in the Grand Duchy so that you can insure yourself properly.

Certain risks must be covered in the Grand Duchy: car insurance, home insurance or civil liability insurance.


Luxembourg insurance companies will all be able to offer you insurance policies adapted to your needs. By subscribing to the proposed insurance contracts, you will be able to insure your goods, your values or your family or even the risks related to your professional activity.

Who are the main insurers in Luxembourg ….TopInsurance CompaniesinLuxembourg

There are four main insurance companies in Luxembourg:

1. AXA


2. Bâloise Insurance

3 . Foyer Insurance

4. LaLux


These insurers share the market for car, home, health, travel and life insurance. Some of them also offer bank-like products, such as pension plans or car loans. Other insurers not listed here also operate in the Luxembourg market.

Each insurance company has a specific status: independent or affiliated with international companies, leader or not in the insurance field.

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Regardless of its status, all insurance offices will offer you the necessary insurance services to cover life’s risks: domestic risk, civil liability, home insurance, car insurance, and pet insurance.

They also cover health insurance in addition to basic health coverage and, more broadly, death risks via death benefit contracts.

You have the choice between several companies, Luxembourg or international. Below are a number of them.


You can also choose an insurance broker who will work with you to find the insurance company best suited to your needs and at the best rates.

Compulsory insurance in Luxembourg

When you arrive in a new country, it is important to take out the appropriate insurance to protect your property and your loved ones.

To better guide you, you will find here what type of insurance you need to take out when you arrive in Luxembourg. Some insurances are mandatory, others are recommended. We provide an update above.


Personal liability insurance

Liability insurance compensates for damage caused to third parties by wrongful acts. It covers the policyholder, his/her spouse and unmarried children living in community with him/her.

With this insurance, all unmarried persons who do not have their own home or apartment and who live in the same household as the policyholder are insured free of charge.

This personal liability insurance covers the policyholder and his or her dependents in various cases:


private person,
head of the family,
owner or keeper of domestic animals,
owner or user of household and gardening appliances.

It also covers possible accidents caused by snow or frost in front of your home. Remember that in Luxembourg, it is your responsibility to clear your portions of the sidewalks.

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Home Insurance

Home insurance is declined under several commercial offers, more or less complete and modern according to the insurance companies.

Home insurance always covers the basic risks: fire, water damage, theft, glass breakage, storm, hail, and snow pressure.

However, both tenants and landlords should consider coverage not only for the house or apartment but also for a wide range of incidental risks, extending to both furniture and personal effects. This insurance is essential to protect against many everyday household damages.


Home insurance can also provide coverage in case of vandalism, terrorism or sabotage.

The risks of earthquakes, graffiti, theft of garden furniture or technological objects are also foreseen.

Damage from sewer backup or storm water runoff can be insured.


Attention, in Luxembourg the value of the kitchen is included in the valuation of your insurance contract. Remember to include it when you value the insurance amount!

Rental risk insurance: as a tenant or roommate, you are expected to take out rental risk insurance. Rental risk insurance covers not only the house or apartment, but also the annexes. Your furniture and personal belongings are insured against fire, water damage, theft, glass breakage and storm damage.

Homeowner’s insurance: whether you live in your own home or rent it out, you must take out homeowner’s insurance to cover all risks such as damage, fire, etc.


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It may also be worthwhile to compare the benefits offered on your contract with other offers on the market. Some companies provide for the organization of emergency interventions related to your home: water damage, clogged pipes, electrical breakdown, broken glass, damaged roof, heating breakdown, immediate professional security in case of intrusion, etc.

In the event of an incident, the company will take charge of finding the competent professional to solve your problem as quickly as possible.


Car Insurance

Owning a vehicle in Luxembourg requires a number of administrative obligations. In general, After a period of 3 months of residence in Luxembourg, the insurance company of your country of origin will no longer insure your car. You need to find a Luxembourg car insurance.

We also remind you that after a certain period, your vehicle must be registered in Luxembourg. According to the Luxembourg law, each motor vehicle must be insured at least in civil liability .

Liability insurance covers bodily injury and property damage caused to third parties. It is a third-party insurance. Please note that this insurance does not cover damage to your vehicle or yourself in case of an accident.


Comprehensive insurance, also known as “Casco”, covers you and your vehicle comprehensively on a daily basis. This complete car insurance includes, in addition to civil liability, legal protection, fire, theft, glass breakage and property damage coverage, as well as a driver’s guarantee. It is highly recommended because it is safer and broader than a simple “Motor Vehicle Liability” insurance.

Accident Insurance

To protect yourself, in addition to your car, Accident Insurance is also highly recommended. This is non-mandatory insurance that provides for the payment of benefits when the insured person dies or has an accident.

It also covers you on a daily basis, in case of hospitalization, incapacity for work, sports accidents, etc. The best advice in this area? Make sure that accident insurance is general, not limited to certain categories of risks!


Complementary health insurance

Insurance companies also offer you health insurance, in addition to the NHA. This complementary health insurance is not mandatory.

Quite expensive in terms of contributions, it can however be interesting to subscribe to it to obtain additional reimbursements for hospitalization, dental care, glasses, etc. However, it can be used to compensate for major life accidents.

Which insurance companies to choose?

In Luxembourg, insurers offer fairly similar cover for car and home insurance. If they cover the essential risks more or less well, they can be distinguished by 3 factors:


The level of cover offered: While most insurance policies cover the essential risks of everyday life, some do not offer cover against natural disasters or theft, for example. It is therefore important to compare the guarantees included in each contract before making a choice.

The benefits included in the insurance : Some contracts offer additional guarantees, such as worldwide protection of personal belongings, travel insurance, reimbursement of garden furniture in the event of a claim, or replacement of equipment in the event of damage to electronic devices.

The price : This can sometimes be as much as double for relatively similar cover. For this reason, we strongly advise you to ask for several insurance quotes before making your choice.


To find out which companies to ask for a personalised quote, you can start by comparing the coverages of our policy selections auto and housing on this site.

The insurance companies compared on this site are essential in Luxembourg. You can find them, with details of their offers, on this page.

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