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Royal Family Believes Prince Harry And Meghan Will ‘Betray The Firm Again’ For Money



Experts says Prince Harry Meghan Markle will betray the Firm again for cash
Royal expert claims Prince Harry and Meghan will betray the Royal family again (Image: Getty)

Royal Family has ‘bad feeling’ that the ‘prodigal’ son, Prince Harry has plans to ‘betray them again’ for money according to former royal butler Paul Burrell.

Burrell claimed that rebuilding trust with Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, even if they return to the Royal Family, could prove challenging.

While Prince Harry’s rapport with the Royal Family might be improving, concerns persist within the Firm about potential future actions, with worries lingering that he may once again prioritize financial pursuits over royal obligations.


Harry and Meghan have been striving to achieve financial independence from the monarchy. However, their primary accomplishment thus far has been the production of a documentary shedding light on life within the Royal Family.

Is Prince Harry and Meghan trying to mend the fence with the Royal Family?

Last week Harry had a cordial phone call with his father King Charles for his 75th birthday, with speculation that the family could reunite for the Christmas period.

However, former royal butler Paul Burrell believes this will not be the case, as he said on behalf of Slingo: “I think there is a very bad feeling in the Royal Family about Harry and Meghan that if they let them back into the royal fold they will be betrayed again.


“They see it as airing dirty laundry in public and telling tales in public when they know all too well that they shouldn’t do that.”

He added: “They see it as Harry now making money off the back of being royal which is wrong in their books.

“They have thrown other members of the family under the bus which is well documented now and you can’t go back: once you have done it you’re out and I think Harry has to understand that.


“It’s a cruel world but they have to be like that to survive and to not let one of their own prejudice the privileged world they live in.”

The Duke of Sussex also betrayed the late Queen Elizabeth’s mantra of ‘never complain, never explain’, which Mr Burrell claims he always knew would be a risk.

The former butler also drew a comparison between Harry and his late mother Princess Diana, who suffered similar consequences of estrangement when she spoke out in her Panorama interview.


Mr Burrell continued: “She had a troubled life trying to find a voice and that’s what Harry’s been trying to do, trying to find a voice and a place.

“Everybody makes mistakes but that was a huge mistake. Coming back to England, I wonder if he has thought how unpopular they are in their country and that will bring its own problems.”

Royal editor Russell Myers has said that there could be a way back for Harry and Charles, as the King still has a lot of love for his youngest son.


He said on the Pod Save the King podcast: “Certainly, there is a feeling in the camp, if there were to be no other bumps in the road, I suppose, and mudslinging, then there is definitely a way back for Harry and his relationship with his father because the old verse that has been troped out is that Charles loves his two sons dearly, he doesn’t want to make any distinction, despite anything that has happened.

“I think that if Harry is going to find a way back into the royal fold, not certainly as a working royal, but just being invited round for a Christmas lunch or birthday parties, like we had this week with the King, it certainly has to start with his father, and it needs for his father to just put his arm around him and perhaps say, ‘Bygones are bygones’.”

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