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Richard Keys slams Mikel Arteta, says Kai Havertz is ‘Mesut Ozil without talent’



ichard Keys slams Mikel Arteta, says Kai Havertz is ‘Mesut Ozil without talent’
senal manager, Mikel Arteta andKai Havertz (Pictures: Getty)

Renowned sports analyst Richard Keys has once again directed his scrutiny towards Arsenal’s head honcho, Mikel Artetaaccusing him of overthinking strategies.

In an equally trenchant appraisal, Keys has not minced words while evaluating Kai Havertz, labeling him as a ‘Mesut Ozil without talent’.

The German prodigy has, without a doubt, encountered a turbulent initiation into life in the heart of north London.


A conspicuously barren spell in his initial three Premier League appearances, coupled with the ignominy of a dismal showing in the MLS All-Star Skills Challenge during pre-season, have cast shadows on his prowess.

During the recent encounter against Fulham, Havertz found himself withdrawn from the field after a mere 56 minutes, despite the team’s ardent need for a game-altering goal.

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His replacement, Fabio Vieira, swiftly won a penalty, further fueling debates surrounding Arteta’s tactical decisions.

Arteta, in defense of Havertz, commendably pointed out his contributions, praising his ability to infiltrate pivotal areas on the pitch.

However, Keys has chosen to deride both the player and the manager, suggesting that Arteta is complicating matters needlessly.


Quoting Arteta’s statements from a press conference on beIN SPORTS, Keys retorted, “He got in great areas but the ball didn’t arrive… so did I yesterday and the ball didn’t arrive, so I was about as much use as this individual. No goals, no assists in three games, but he got into some great areas.”

Unfazed by convention, Keys delved deeper, “I didn’t think I’d find myself quoting Piers Morgan in this program ever, but I’m going to. Piers is right. [Arteta is being] too clever. Get back to a back four with all the things that made them strong last season and stop messing around.”

The seasoned analyst’s critique ventured further as he scrutinized Havertz, comparing him to the enigmatic Mesut Ozil, albeit, in his view, without the innate talent.


He elucidated, “And the reason I say that is because both are enigmas. They didn’t know what to do with Ozil, so they sold him! And now they’ve gone and bought Havertz.”

Keys wasn’t finished. He laid the blame squarely on Arteta’s shoulders, highlighting the manager’s perceived difficulty in handling significant players with formidable personalities, paralleling this trait to Pep Guardiola’s approach.

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Joining the discourse, studio pundit Andy Gray added his two cents, asserting, “Havertz isn’t [a big personality]. I’ve said this since Havertz went to Chelsea, I know he’s a German international, I know they still pick him, but I have not seen it.”

In a subsequent engagement, when asked about Havertz’s potential to conquer the doubters, Mikel Arteta exhibited his conviction, asserting, “Yes, I think so and I think he’s done already really good things. Today it was tough for him in certain moments.

He got in great areas again today and the ball didn’t arrive and a lot of situations he should’ve scored a lot of goals already this season and that is the thing that is missing.”


As the saga surrounding Havertz’s performance continues, the spotlight remains firmly on Arteta’s managerial decisions and the player’s capacity to rise above the challenges that have beset him early in his Arsenal journey.

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