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7 Key Reasons for Failed Relationships



Some of us are unlucky in love. It might be time to acknowledge that you may be doing something wrong when your relationships fail.

Take a look at your own behavior to determine what changes you can make. Infoexpert24 in this article brings to you 7 top reasons relationships fail.

Causes of relationship failure


1. Being too conceited
Some people have a tendency to put themselves first. They look at relationships as opportunities and wonder what the other person can do for them instead of what they can do for the other person. That’s mostly why relationships fail.

You need to start putting the other person and their needs and wants before your own.

Look back and think about the last time you took your partner out or bought them a gift out of nowhere. Start doing these small things in your next relationship and see where it gets you. Hopefully, after this recalibration, you won’t find yourself griping, “my relationship is failing.”


2. Focusing on the party too much
Some couples have a lot of fun together.

This can work for a little bit of time, but it won’t work for the long run. There may not be much substance behind the relationship once the hangover wears off.

You need to remember to focus on spending time together while sober. If you want a mature relationship, you need to grow up yourself. Change your focus.


Don’t let frivolity in life become one of the reasons why relationships fail.

It’s also important to get the help you need if you do see yourself spiraling into an unhealthy lifestyle.

3. Lack of communication


Communication is key for any healthy relationship. Lack of open and honest communication is why most relationships fail to thrive.

You need to be able to talk to your partner comfortably, even when the conversation isn’t so comfortable. This can take practice.

Work on listening instead of talking so much in your next relationship if you want to avoid failed relationships.


You should also focus on speaking in a comfortable tone. When things do get heated, you should develop tactics to help you calm down. You may even want to talk to a therapist to help you understand why relationships fail, and guide you to communicate with people better in the future.

4. Finances
Going through financial issues puts pressure on people as well as a relationship.

It’s important to ensure that you get your finances in order before you entwine your life with another person’s. Establish a good career and life within your means.


You should also be careful with loans and other financial decisions. Finally, never lie about your finances as that will only create great mistrust between you and your partner.

Relationships are not about money. However, they are about trust and stability. Often relationships fail when there is lack of financial compatibility.

5. Personal insecurity
Jealousy Or Lovesickness Woman And Man With Girls In Background


Some people suffer from insecurity. This can cause them to get jealous too quickly. It can also cause them to be crazy or invade another person’s privacy.

Learn to be secure in yourself and your relationship. Do this by working on your own self esteem in your own time as well as practicing self-control. When you do notice, yourself feeling insecure, find ways to distract yourself and focus on your own life. Don’t let crazy-making become a key reason why relationships fail.

6. Lack of trust
A relationship is based on trust. You need to be able to trust your partner, and they need to be able to trust you.


First, make sure you don’t do anything that can be misleading. Don’t be secretive. Also, don’t stay in a relationship if you can not trust the other person because of something they did.

A relationship won’t work if the trust is gone, so there’s no point in extending the pain and lamenting why relationships fail.

7. Lack of chemistry
One thing that sets a relationship apart from a great friendship is the chemistry that comes with it.


A relationship should be hot and heavy. Some relationships fizzle out with time. This is normal. However, there has to be some chemistry that remains. Keep things hot by working on your physical appearance. Workout, diet, and wear nice clothes. You should also be willing to have fun in the bedroom.

Try new outfits and toys. Of course, be careful not to let out all of your secrets right away. You need to save some mystery down the line in the relationship.

If your relationships haven’t been especially successful, you have to look at what might be causing them to fail.


No one is perfect, so you can probably make some changes in the way you behave to help you in your next relationship. Look into these possible areas for improvement and good luck with your next shot at love.

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