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‘No One At Chelsea Wants Him To Remain At The Club Next Season’ – Journalist Makes Stunning Revelation About Striker



'No One At Chelsea Wants Him To Remain At The Club Next Season' – Journalist Makes Stunning Revelation About Striker
AP Photo/Francois Mori

In a recent revelation, journalist Matt Law stated that there is no one at Chelsea who wants Romelu Lukaku to remain at the club next season.

Speaking on the ‘London is Blue’ podcast, Law highlighted the potential negative consequences of allowing Lukaku to return to Cobham.

Earlier reports had suggested the possibility of a sensational return for Lukaku to Stamford Bridge, with new manager Mauricio Pochettino considering a conversation about the striker’s future.


However, Lukaku himself remains firm in his desire to pursue his career elsewhere, particularly at the club where he was recently on loan.

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Despite Lukaku’s wishes, Inter Milan, his parent club, is not currently in agreement with Chelsea regarding a transfer fee for the player.


Law believes that the situation will likely be resolved in the coming weeks to avoid any disruptions in West London.

“I think they will find a deal. I think Lukaku will end up back at Inter Milan, and I don’t know how quickly,” Law explained. “But nobody really wants him to return to Cobham next week or the week after. Considering his international duties, the exact date of his return is uncertain. It wouldn’t be ideal at all and could create negative energy at a time when the club aims to start on a positive note.”

Despite the reluctance to have Lukaku back, it is clear that Chelsea should not succumb to pressure for another loan deal given the significant price they initially paid for the player.


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Lukaku’s future will likely be resolved in a manner that aligns with both clubs’ interests and ensures a smooth transition.

As Chelsea prepares for the upcoming season, their focus remains on maintaining a positive atmosphere and building a cohesive team.


The decision regarding Lukaku’s future will play a crucial role in shaping the club’s plans and aspirations moving forward.

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