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Mikel Arteta blames Arsenal players for Kai Havertz’s struggles since joining from Chelsea



Mikel Arteta blames Arsenal players for Kai Havertz's struggles since joining from Chelsea
Kai Havertz (Image: Getty)

Arsenal‘s manager, Mikel Arteta has come to the defense of summer signing Kai Havertz and believes his new teammates are partly responsible for his early problems within the squad.

The decision to invest £65 million in Havertz, a player who had experienced three tumultuous years at Chelsea raised eyebrows among football enthusiasts.

Arteta’s vision was to reposition Havertz as an attacking midfielder, a role in which Granit Xhaka had excelled the previous season. However, Havertz has faced difficulties adapting to his new role and the tactical demands of his manager.


The Gunners struggled to find attacking cohesion until their recent 2-2 draw against Fulham, a game where Havertz was substituted 10 minutes into the second half.

Arteta, nonetheless, remains resolute in his belief that Havertz, the second most expensive signing during his tenure, will ultimately thrive.

He argues that the lack of stability within the team, exacerbated by injuries and suspensions this season, has contributed to Havertz’s adaptation challenges.


In praise of Havertz’s versatility, Arteta stated, “He can play in so many different roles and play them so well. He has a football brain, understanding when to move, how to move, when to stay, when to run. It’s phenomenal. At the moment, it’s true that he’s played with three different people behind him (Jurrien Timber, Takehiro Tomiyasu, and Jakub Kiwior), and they are the ones that have to make him shine.”

He stressed the crucial role played by the players behind Havertz in shaping his performance. Drawing from his own experience as a midfielder, he highlighted the impact of the defense and their ability to provide the right support.

Mikel Arteta emphasized that having skilled players behind Havertz would make his adaptation smoother. Arsenal fans who displayed signs of impatience with Havertz last weekend were urged by Arteta to remain patient.


He reminded them of the club’s history, where several players transformed into fan favorites after slow starts.

“It’s difficult to ask for more, especially from our supporters,” Arteta acknowledged. “But my feeling is, give him love and we will get the best out of him. We have some very beautiful examples in recent years of players who received a lot of support and love and subsequently excelled.”

Arteta cited examples of players like Martin Odegaard, Gabriel Magalhaes, and Bukayo Saka, all of whom initially faced challenges but blossomed with time and support.


“Granit Xhaka… we have so many examples, good examples,” Arteta continued. “But the players have to love what they do. And I think they love it more when they feel supported.”

As Arsenal continues its journey through the challenges of the season, the spotlight remains on Kai Havertz’s adaptation and the role his teammates play in shaping his performance.

The message from Arteta is clear: patience and support are key ingredients for nurturing talent and potential within the club.


Arsenal fans are urged to rally behind Havertz, recognizing that his success can be the result of collective support and encouragement.

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