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Michelle Obama gets more bets than Joe Biden to be next US President



Michelle Obama gets more bets than Joe Biden to be next US President
Photo Credit: Getty/Patrick Semansky/AP

According to Betfair, majority of Americans have placed more bets on former First Lady, Michelle Obama to be the next US President than Joe Biden.

Infoexpert24 understands that Betfair punters have placed more bets on the likelihood of Michelle Obama becoming the next American President in November’s election.

In shocking statistics, 10.9 per cent of bets on the Betfair Exchange marker this year so far have been placed on Michelle Obama becoming the country’s 47th President.


In comparison, Joe Biden, who is running for re-election has only had 10.6 per cent of bets placed on him.

That shows that punters don’t have faith in Biden getting re-elected, despite only 10 out of the previous 45 Presidents losing when running for a second term.

The fact that Obama – who isn’t even running for President – has received more bets shows that people’s faith in Biden’s victory is very low.


Eric Trump, son of former President Donald Trump, believes that Biden won’t even be the Democratic nominee in November.

Meanwhile, Donald Trump has hit his shortest odds to win the election at 6/4 (45 per cent chance), suggesting that he is the favourite.

Biden on the other hand is at 2/1 (33 per cent chance).

Betfair spokesperson, Sam Rosbottom said: “Donald Trump is now the 6/5 favourite to win the US election, his shortest ever odds since the market opened, after Ron DeSantis pulled out of the race on Sunday evening.


“In fact, a whopping £45,000 has been matched on Betfair Exchange in the past 24 hours in favour of Trump making a triumphant return to the White House in the latter part of the year.

“Looking at the overall picture, he completely dominates it, with 42 per cent of the £8.8m that has already been bet on the election winner market going for the former POTUS.

“We have seen turnarounds in fortunes before, and looking back four years ago, Joe Biden was 99/1 for the Oval Office at the start of the Primary season, showing that the door could be open to outsiders again this year.


“One of those could be Michelle Obama at 23/1, who is attracting a lot of support from punters.

“Astonishingly, more bets have been taken on Obama to be the next US president than incumbent Joe Biden so far in 2024.

“However, Biden is the odds-on favourite at 1/4 to be the Democratic nominee.”

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