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Dorathy fans drags Lucy for saying she will never be friends with her



Lucy and Dorathy served the viewers some friendship goals before their misunderstanding in the big brother house. Both ex-housemates have continue snubbing each other since they left the house and it seems as if they aren’t going to get along again.

In her recent interview, Lucy Said she can never be friends with Dorothy, according to her reason she said Dorothy loves to make side comments about her with other housemates especially when she’s having an issue with others.

Explaining further, she said a true friend will not behave in such manner, and won’t take sides, therefore she wouldn’t entertain that kind of friendship since she’s a strict person.

According to her statement, She said “I would shun Dorothy anything she comes to smile at me henceforth. I’m not interested in friendship with her anymore. I hate side comments and gossips especially from someone I claim to be my friend”.

Meanwhile, Dorothy’s fans did not take this for granted as they blast her for making such comments.

Take a look at the Reactions of her fans below;

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