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Liberia Police reveals staggering details about Empress Njamah’s ex-boyfriend



The buzz is yet to subside regarding the arrest of Nollywood star, Empress Njamah’s ex-boyfriend, Nicholas Jack Davies, also known as Josh Wade in Liberia over the weekend.

Wade had fled Nigeria in January after releasing Njamah’s nudes on social media. The thespian revealed that Wade had taken advantage of her during her vulnerable period after the death of her friend, Ada Ameh.

She stressed that the Liberian tortured her both physically and mentally and had access to all aspects of her life. The Nollywood star also stated that she lived like a prisoner in her own home until she found the courage to escape and seek help.


In a statement made available to reporters, Liberia Police revealed that Wade had victimised over 20 women.

The statement reads:

“Notorious scammer Nicholas Jack Davis has been arrested by the Liberian National Police severally and charged to court. Fortunately, he returned to the community after bail and carried out the same actions he was previously charged with.


“There have been several complaints against the 39-year-old, of which the suspect has victimised over twenty females. As a result, he is involved in absconding with their personal belongings and expensive materials.

“With the recent report brought against him, we began a robot search, and he was arrested at Miami Beach while attempting to victimise other females. There is prior information of the suspect carrying the same act in Nigeria on an actress.

“He spent approximately 70 months in the country before committing the crime against the female actress.


“We can assure the public that all the victims will get justice and anyone with other information should visit the Liberian Police Station to register their complaints to ensure the suspect does not go with impunity.”

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