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Kiddwaya spotted stroking Erica hair in a living room, fans reacts



Fans of the ex BBNaija housemate went agog the moment Kiddwaya and Erica were spotted in a sitting room with some of their friends while Kidd was stroking her hair.

Kiddwaya and Erica were seen this time around having some lovely time out together, well they were spotted in a sitting room with some of their friends.

They sat down very close to each other while Kiddwaya was stroking Erica’s hair. Their fans couldn’t let this moment pass them by as many of them show of their reactions to this picture.


Many of them are of the opinion that they love each other’s company seeing them having a nice conversation while Kidd play with her hair.

These two lovebirds are are not afraid to show of PDA as they feel comfortable and safe with each other

Their relationship was one alot of their fans were sceptical that it may not go beyound the four walls of the Big brother Nigeria house, but they seem to have proved alot of people wrong as their relationship seem to have ‘sailed’


Well Infoexpert24 captured the moment in pictures and I share them with you via the photos below. I did some screenshot of some fans reactions also. Kindly tell us your opinion about this moment with the kiddrica ship.

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