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Italian Sports Minister in a ‘war’ of words with Ronaldo, accuses him of being arrogant



The war between Cristiano Ronaldo and Italian minister of Sports continues. It all started when the Portguese star tested positive for coronavirus and had to leave the concentration of Portugal, in the middle of the UEFA Nations League.

“I think that he did not respect the protocol going and coming from Portugal, if there were no specific authorizations from the health authorities“, said a few days ago the Italian secretary of state.

This is why this Friday, Cristiano Ronaldo defended himself against the accusations levelled against him and responded through a direct Instagram live video and said he had done everything by the book.


“A gentlemen here in Italy, whose name I won’t mention, said I didn’t obey the protocol – that’s simply a lie,” said Ronaldo in an Instagram post from his Turin villa, where he is in quarantine and asymptomatic.

“I followed all the protocols and I will continue to follow them, my conscience is clear…. Everything I did was authorised.”

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Infoexpert24 believes that despite the fact that both parties made their point of view known, the story did not end here. Spadafora counterattacked again and harshly criticized the the Juventus star saying:


“The fact that some footballers are well known does not authorize them to be arrogant, disrespectful towards institutions and lie. Moreover, when a person is well known, they should have the responsibility to think and be an example.“.

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Vincenzo Spadafora

Watch Ronald’s live Instagram Video below:

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