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Ex-Deputy IPOB Leader, Uche Mefor Deletes Facebook Page, Disappears



Ex-Deputy IPOB Leader, Uche Mefor Deletes Facebook Page, Disappears

The former deputy leader of IPOB, Uche Mefor has suddenly deleted his Facebook page and disappeared.

The estranged deputy leader, Uche Mefor who became very outspoken had called for a change of approach and attitude among the members of the movement but his appeals were met with verbal Assaults from members of his group.

There was an alleged feud between Mefor and Nnamdi Kanu which culminated to a very serious war of words between the duo.


Sources who are very close to IPOB DOS said that Kanu who could not condone the overbearing nature of Uche Mefor secretly dismissed him from the hierarchy of the organization.

His removal was done clandestinely to avoid raising unnecessary eyebrows which could further whittle the scant patronage currently enjoyed by the crooks in charge of the outlawed organization as reported by ElombahNews

There were claims that Uche Mefor took his and Facebook page down because of security reasons.


Another reliable ally of Mefor allegedly said that Nnamdi Kanu crossed the red line after he disgraced their former African representative, George Onyibe who was a strong hitman of IPOB out of office.

“What will befall Nnamdi Kanu and IPOB in no distant time will be shocking. Any ear that hears it will tingle,” the ally said.

Nnamdi Kanu, who is running a salary driven freedom fighting movement has been accused of being autocratic, arrogant and fraudulent by some of his former allies.


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