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EndSARS: Trouble as Nigerian youths threaten to leave the country as they prepare for IELTS exam



As the crises that originated as a result of the EndSARS Protests dies down due to the 24 hours Curfew Imposed in most States, another crises seems to be brewing, as most Nigerian Youths have threatened to leave the country in search of greener pastures somewhere else.
The Nigerian Youths have also started a trend on Twitter, they are asking about any available information about the International English language Testing System Examinations, popularly known as IELTS exam.

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The International English language Testing System is an English language examination that aims at testing the English proficiency of possible immigrants looking to come work or study in some English speaking nations.
The nations where this examination result is accepted includes Canada, USA, Australia, New Zealand, and the United Kingdom.

However, it remains to be seen if Nigerians would be able to pass the examination, as it is quite hard and English Language is not the mother tongue of most Nigerians. But the youths seem to be unfazed by the daunting task of the examination, as they seem determined to leave the country at all cost, due to the recent crises that exposed a great deficiency in the security apparatus of the country.

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In the recent crises, there were video evidences of youths being maimed and killed, much to the dismay of the Government and the International community, hence the strong resolve by the youths to try to pass these international examinations and try to seek greener pastures in a place where their lives and properties may be better secured.


Attached below are screenshots of various comments and reactions by youths on the IELTS topic that is currently trending on Twitter.

What is your opinion on this new move by the youths? Do you think the country has really degenerated to the point where her core labor and security force are planning on migrating out of the country to serve another man’s land?

Do you think the Government should put counter emigration policies in place to stop these youths from moving out of their fatherland?

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