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‘I Will Kill Them!’ -Mikel Arteta Threatens Arsenal Players Ahead of Man City Clash Today



'I Will Kill Them!' -Mikel Arteta Threatens Arsenal Players Ahead of Man City Clash Today

Arsenal manager, Mikel Arteta, has issued a stern warning to his players ahead of tonight’s crucial Premier League clash with Manchester City, stating that he will not tolerate any player who cannot handle the pressure.

The Gunners, who have been league leaders for a significant period of time, have faltered in recent matches, recording three consecutive draws against Liverpool, West Ham, and Southampton. This slip in form has allowed their opponents to take the lead in the title race.

Arteta’s young squad has struggled to maintain their composure at a crucial juncture in the season, causing doubts to arise regarding their ability to capture their first Premier League title in 19 years.


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However, a positive result at the Etihad could prove to be a turning point and restore their confidence.

Despite criticisms of Arsenal ‘bottling’ the title, Arteta remains confident that his team is not inhibited and sees no signs of them backing down.


The concession of two goals during their last match and a disappointing draw against the team at the bottom of the table has only strengthened the resolve of the Gunners to secure a victory against City but Arteta insists he sees no signs of his side being inhibited.

‘No,’ said Arteta when asked if his squad was feeling the pressure. ‘And if they do, I will just say: ‘I will kill them.’ And I don’t want that at all.’

‘Obviously the belief is there,’ he added. ‘When I look at how they trained, how they reacted after that, the mood in the dressing room, how they’ve been defending each other in every moment.


‘We really want it and we’re going to show that again tomorrow night. Then you have to deliver in the right moment, the right performance and it has to be perfection because that’s what this last level demands – absolute perfection in every single ball.’

City, by contrast, have hit form at the perfect time in the season and can extend their winning run to eight games with a victory this evening.

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Despite their flawless recent record, Pep Guardiola admits he still feels nervous ahead of his side’s biggest game of the campaign.

He said: ‘Being nervous is part of our lives, being anxious is part of our lives, being scared is part of our lives.

‘We don’t have to be perfect. When we educate our kids, they (think they) have to be perfect for Instagram and TikToks, and this kind of thing, they have to be a genius.


‘But I would say the uncertainty, things that happen before a game, happen. When I feel that feeling I know it’s normal. The problem would be if I didn’t have that feeling.

‘At the same time, after the game, whatever happens, good or bad or whatever, you say it’s just part of the game and we look to the next one. I like to live this kind of adrenaline.’


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