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Fans Think Marcus Rashford’s Winner Against Brentford Should Have Been Ruled Out, Ref Explains Why It Was Allowed



Fans Think Marcus Rashford’s Winner Against Brentford Should Have Been Ruled Out, Ref Explains Why It Was Allowed

Dermot Gallagher, a former Premier League referee, has shed light on why Marcus Rashford‘s goal for Erik ten Hag’s side against Brentford was allowed to stand despite some fans contesting its validity.

Rashford’s solitary goal proved to be the match-winner as his team secured a hard-earned victory against their in-form opponents on Wednesday night.

The 25-year-old forward, who has been involved in 37 goals across all competitions this season – his best ever goal contribution tally – was in an offside position when Antony played a cross into the box.


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However, as Rashford wasn’t interfering with play, the goal was deemed to be legitimate. Nevertheless, a few fans believed that Rashford had gained an unfair advantage by being in an offside position.


Speaking to Sky Sports in the video above former Premier League referee Dermot Gallagher explained why the goal was allowed to stand.


“When I was a referee that would have been flagged for offside,” he said.

“But now they allow the play to go on and he clearly does not get involved with play. He does not effect the goalkeeper and there are no defenders around him.

“The ball is played to Sabitzer and when it is, Rashford is back onside. I think it is good as we want to see goals.”


To be fair, it was an intelligent piece of play from Sabitzer, who knew Rashford was in an offside position for the Antony cross. He nodded the ball sideways for United’s leading goalscorer to pounce on and he did just that.

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Here’s how fans reacted to the goal on Twitter.

@ManutdLgnd said: If this is offside than nearly half the goals from range should be offside, even if the player isn’t in line with the keeper or anywhere near other players because he is in an offside position lol it’s not against the rules to stand offside. You just can’t interfere with play


@MarkCharteris said: According to the way the rules have been distorted with well meaning guidelines, today it is onside. Pretty sure that most people who love the game and understand the spirit of the law would think it should be offside.

@Seanio88: That’s been given as offside numerous times, but it’s Manu. So we’ll all look other way… zero consistency.

@JBowditch90: Can someone explain the offside rule to me?


I didn’t realise it was if a player is in an offside position at any point of the goal during the build up phase. I thought it was when the ball is played to them.
Or has the rule changed since last week?🤦‍♂️

@Nicktendo94: Why would this be disallowed? Rashford was onside when the header was made to him. By people’s logic here if you’re offside any point in a play you can never get back onside to receive the ball

@jondog786: That’s a skill in itself what Rashford did there, stayed offside so the defenders forget about him, then sneak back on behind most of the defence in acres of space, it’s world class positioning.


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@nigelpeter01: They disallowed Gomes goal against Liverpool in the cup because they said Nunes came back from an offside position ( he’d taken a corner), but when the ball was played out to him again he was onside. They make it up

@PatrickTPhatudi: Rashford was offside. It reminded me Aquero disallowed goal against Tottenham in the championship game.


@AlanCarlson19: No, he was walking back from an offside position when the ball came over and made himself active to score.but this is UTD

@rjdec100: Read the rules and you’ll know it’s onside all day long… not a shadow of debate on this one

Kindly share your thoughts on the goal? Should it have stood?



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