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EPL: What Mauricio Pochettino Wants Ahead of Chelsea vs Newcastle Clash



EPL: What Mauricio Pochettino Wants Ahead of Chelsea vs Newcastle Clash

Ahead of Monday night’s Premier League showdown between Chelsea and Newcastle United, Mauricio Pochettino finds himself yearning for the unwavering support enjoyed by Eddie Howe at St James’ Park.

Despite both managers navigating through turbulent seasons, their fortunes in the hearts of fans couldn’t be more disparate.

While Newcastle’s fans continue to rally behind Howe despite a series of setbacks, Pochettino faces mounting pressure from disgruntled Chelsea supporters.


The Argentine coach’s tenure at Stamford Bridge has been marred by calls for his ousting, with some even suggesting the return of fan favorite Jose Mourinho in his stead, following the Blues’ frustrating draw against Brentford.

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As Monday night’s clash approaches, with Pochettino’s Chelsea squaring off against Howe’s Magpies, the contrasting displays of fan loyalty couldn’t be starker.


Though envy may linger in Pochettino’s thoughts at the warmth extended to Howe, the Blues’ manager maintains a stoic demeanor, expressing a quiet desire for similar unwavering backing from the Stamford Bridge faithful, according to reports from the Daily Star.

Pochettino said: “I am so happy to see they are supporting him like this because we are both in charge and want the best for our clubs. For me, Eddie is a fantastic coach and deserves big credit.

“I hope one day here they support me in the same way they support him because I am here, I am the coach of Chelsea and I want to win as much as our fans. I hope we have this support in the future.”


Pochettino understands the fickle nature of football fans, explaining: “Look, the other afternoon I was walking on the Kings Road. I had this cap on but the people knew me and were really friendly and lovely.

“At Brentford, yes, it was different and not like this but the people on the street, I can tell you, are very supportive and understand the situation. Of course, I also understand the same people, who were lovely to me and respectful, also criticise. Because in a stadium there’s passion.

“You want the team to score, win, play well and become frustrated if it doesn’t happen. You show your feelings. Our fans are normal. I am a coach. I understand the business. The first person they criticise is me.”


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All this led to Pochettino’s heartfelt message to the concerned fans he doesn’t mind being criticized, but his young and injury-stricken team should remain untouched.

Triggering heartwarming support for his players, he said: “Yes, of course, because the players deserve the best and deserve the support. That’s why we can’t blame them. We need to accept the criticism but be strong. We are not going to give up!”


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