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Trump Panics, Makes False Claim In New Tweet As Biden Takes The Lead



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It is the day after Election Day, President Donald Trump falsely claimed in a tweet that his lead in Democrat-led states that could be key to winning the election “magically” disappeared as “surprise ballot dumps were counted.”

While He didn’t name specific states, Joe Biden has tightened the race in Pennsylvania and Michigan where Trump was leading overnight.

However, those states first count their day-of ballots, which largely favor the incumbent president over Biden, before counting mail-in ballots. Infoexpert24 considers both races too early to call.


This isn’t the first time the president has made false claims against the ballot count. Early today, He tried to claim victory prematurely, despite millions of outstanding votes that had yet to be counted, while pushing false accusations of election fraud

Check out Donald Trump tweet below:

How come every time they count Mail-In ballot dumps they are so devastating in their percentage and power of destruction? Donald Trump asks on Twitter

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