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Davido revealed rival fans harassed Niki Minaj for working with him



Nigerian music star, Davido has revealed that American rapper, Niki Minaj was harassed by rival fans featuring in a single in his last album.

Davido also revealed that the rival fans also went after Lil Baby whom he also featured in the said album. He stated that he got so bad that both American musicians had to send him a message to inquire what the problem was.

“It’s crazy like they leaked my album. For example like this stanship. Obviously, my fans, I can’t get to all of them but there is one person I can call and I will be like ‘Yo! Talk to them, tell them to clam down’.


“So, before the [new] album [Timeless] came out, I called one of them, I wad like ‘Look, last time I dropped my album, you guys were like just bashing everybody. So, when it wad my turn to come out, unnecessary things happened.

“Even Nicki called me. Nicki Minaj, Lil Baby were like ‘Yo! Why are these..’. Like the other fans were DMing them ‘Why did you do a song with Davido?’,” Davido said.

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