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Cristiano Ronaldo Called -Out For Refusing To Swap Shirts With Opponent Player In Saudi Arabia



Cristiano Ronaldo Called -Out For Refusing To Swap Shirts With Opponent Player In Saudi Arabia

Cristiano Ronaldo has faced criticism for reportedly refusing a shirt swap after a recent match in Saudi Arabia.

The incident occurred after Jean-David Beauguel scored the winning goal for Al Wehda against Ronaldo’s Al Nassr, sending them through to the King Cup of Champions final.

Despite Ronaldo’s impressive performance two months prior, where he scored four goals against Al Wehda, the Portuguese striker appeared to be in a frustrated mood during the recent match, even berating his own coaches at half-time.


Following the game, Beauguel approached Ronaldo to request his shirt, but was met with what he described as a “contemptuous” handshake from the 38-year-old, who reportedly displayed negative behaviour towards his teammates during the match.

Beauguel commented on the incident, telling L’Equipe: “I was a little disappointed,”

“At the end of the game, I told him that I was a big fan and asked for his jersey. He shook my hand without really looking at me, with a very contemptuous air.


“I still remember the videos I watched of him when he was in college. I understand that he was disappointed after the loss, that he is a great competitor, but his attitude surprised me. Even on the pitch, he was upset, he yelled at his teammates.”

Despite the negative encounter, Beauguel believes Ronaldo’s presence in Saudi Arabia will have a positive impact on football in the region, saying: “His arrival may push players of his calibre want to play here. This will allow the development of football here, academies and training centres.”

Meanwhile, Al-Nassr club president Musalli Al-Muammar has reportedly resigned after the latest loss. Ronaldo’s club is currently six points behind league leaders Al Ittihad, and he could potentially face another trophyless season if their performance does not improve.

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