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Atiku’s Trip To USA And The Foolery Of Propaganda



Atiku’s Trip To USA And The Foolery Of Propaganda

For years now, a lot of propaganda has flown around, against the person of Atiku Abubakar. One of such which appears to be chief of them all is the beer-parlor gist of how Atiku dares not step foot in the USA else he will be arrested.

This propaganda was used in 2018 in the run-up to the 2019 Presidential election. To put paid to the lies, Atiku visited the United States.

As expected of the propagandists who are relentless in the lies they peddle, they claimed Atiku entered the US as an aide of Senator Bukola Saraki as per Nigeria’s Senate President as he then was, who was Director General of the then PDP Presidential Campaign.

Fast-forward to October 28, 2022; news filtered the air that Atiku is in the US again, this time on the invitation of the US Chamber of Commerce.


Yet again, the propagandists are claiming Atiku is perhaps under the cover of some diplomatic passport of Governor Aminu Tambuwal of Sokoto State.

What rhymes in the narrative of the propagandists is that in both trips to the US, it is the DG of the Atiku/PDP campaign, they keep tagging up in their claims against Atiku.

In 2018, when Saraki was Atiku’s Campaign DG, on sighting him along with Atiku, they claimed it was Saraki that covered Atiku in USA. Four years later, now in 2022, when Tambuwal is Atiku’s Campaign DG, the propagandists are of the claims that Tambuwal covered Atiku into USA.


The propagandists keep relentlessly making reference to some “diplomatic passport” in their arguments against Atiku in their “US watchlist” claims.

Facts even from the United States have since 2016 made it clear that Atiku is not on any watchlist in the United States. The “watchlist” is therefore just a mere figment of the illusion of the propagandists who will stop at nothing to drag Atiku’s good name in the mud.

As of October 29, 2022, Atiku was at the US State Department for a meeting with very well-known US diplomats. Atiku did not go alone, he went with people who are fellow Nigerians selected from across age grades and ethnic nationalities from Nigeria, these people are clearly people who are highly known to be of sound mind, who most definitely will bear witness to Atiku’s mission in the United States. Suffice to say, if these persons on Atiku’s entourage see that Atiku is suffering any single difficulty with the USA either at the US embassy in Nigeria or anywhere while they are in the US already, they would have as highly respected individuals raised the alarm. Contrary to the imaginary agenda of the propagandists, Atiku is in the USA not on photo-ops or for proof of anything that plays to the gallery but on very critical missions whose outcome will greatly benefit Nigeria when Atiku becomes President of Nigeria. In short, everything is going fine over there and definitely, it does not sit well with the propagandists.


It is however therefore the burden of the propagandists who are making clear foolery of themselves all these years to soft-pedal on their propaganda especially as their so-called “US watchlist” is becoming more and more exposed as mere propaganda, to the general public and to the discerning and to even the neutral in partisanship stand.

One thing that is certain is that Atiku is the best Presidential candidate Nigeria has at the moment, in the build-up to the 2023 Presidential election.

Atiku already has well laid out plans which he has long ago shared with Nigerians as to how he will make Nigeria a better country, practically, when he becomes President.


In addition, Atiku has been huge on issues of the nation and he has shown himself ready to hit the ground running from day 1 of assumption of Office of President, come 2023; if he is elected President, in a bid to solve Nigeria’s problems and rescue Nigeria from the downward slide the APC has launched it in the past seven years.

Atiku has the track records, which are clearly in the public domain, especially as a former Vice President and as a former Chairman of the Nigeria Economic team, the economic team that transformed Nigeria between 1999 and 2007.

The reforms Atiku made happen when he was Vice President of Nigeria are still finding expression in the positives of our nationhood journey till this day.


Atiku is the most popularly accepted Presidential candidate among all the Presidential candidates running for Office of President in the 2023 Presidential election.

Atiku is passionate about the good of Nigeria. He is undeterred by the propaganda of those who have chosen to make a fool of themselves in the name of trying to oppose Atiku’s Presidential candidacy.

Considering how polarized Nigeria has become in the past seven years of the APC reign, Atiku is passionate about unifying Nigeria, hence his 2023 campaign mantra is “As one, we can get it done.”


Come 2023, Atiku is the man to beat. Come 2023, Atiku will by the votes of Nigerians and by the grace of God be elected President of Nigeria.

By: Emmanuel IK Umeh

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