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(ICYMI) Actress, Uche Elendu in tears as hoodlums cart away N100m worth of goods from her store



Nigerian actress,Uche Elendu,has lamented bitterly how looters broke into her store carting away over N100m worth of goods in Marwa Lekki Lagos.

The actress via her instagram announced to her fans how hoodlums attacked her security man carting away million worth of goods. She wrote;

“I was still trying to get myself to recover from the heartbreak of innocent lives lost yesterday, now, my hard work and investment are gone… looted by the same people we are fighting for… oh Lord strengthen me. They took all my years of struggle and hard work from me. Everything. I thank God for life. Posterity will judge all of you. E shock me ooooo #endsars #endbadgovernance.“


The actress who had a telephone conversation with Newsmen revealing that the hoodlums took everything she worked her whole life for.

“You can see the pictures on my Instagram account. The incident happened today. Only the security man was at the premises and he is currently at the hospital because they broke his head. My shop is in Lagos at Marwa bus stop.
“I do not know the time it happened because I was not there, I just got the information this evening. What I have there is worth over a hundred million, they even took away my generator. They took away everything, all the electronics, the shoes, bags, hair, everything. Including the furniture. I do not know how they did it,” she said.

See photos below;

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