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Reactions As Kim Kardashian’s Daughter North Transforms Into Dad Kanye West Using Makeup



Reactions As Kim Kardashian's Daughter North Transforms Into Dad Kanye West Using Makeup
North West is known to be hugely interested in special effects makeup (Picture: KimandNorth/ TikTok)

Kanye eldest daughter, North West indeed looks spitting image of her father in a new video shared on TikTok which has attracted mixed reactions from fans on social media.

Using makeup and contouring, North subtly changed her features – and not-so-subtly gave herself thicker eyebrows, a buzzcut hairline and a beard.

Nine-year-old North is the eldest of the Kardashian-West siblings Saint, seven, Chicago, four and Psalm, three, and like most kids her age has been pleading to begin using TikTok and other social media sites.

While dad Kanye is totally against the youngster being on TikTok, Kim relented somewhat and allowed her to set up an account with her, with comments disabled and the mum-of-four keeping an eye on things.


Kim and North have had plenty of viral videos since setting up their account – not difficult when you can boast 12 million followers.

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Having jumped around to Taylor Swift with her mum and made dramatic videos with her cousins, North has now put her artistic skills to use in her and Kim’s newest TikTok,


In a short clip posted to the app on Friday, North has used face paint and a well-placed black beanie hat to transform herself into her rapper dad Kanye.

Below are some of the reactions culled by infoexpert24 from Thesharoom’s Instagram page where the video was posted:

maddymorebuckss wrote: Baby girl going to give them a run for their money.


mycutestcupcakes wrote:The song choice and Kim being in the video made it weird

colierich wrote: I don’t care what none of y’all say! This is WEIRD!!!

harmmoniee wrote: So basically Kim misses Kanye and dressed the child that looks most like him up to ease the pain ???


tileh_pacbro wrote: Oh we poking that man now, they don’t like his silence huh? 😂

baedriennexo wrote: Let’s remember that Kanye and Kim were once married,they had children,one of which is om this video…so how is it weird that they are reenacting a video thT 1.Norths father made and 2.Kim was in????

kiarawhiteside wrote: Why are you tryna trigger Kanye through North Kim????


therealwannababyy_ wrote: Kim Is Living Vicariously Through This Lil Girl 😂😂 She Be In Every Tik Tok Damn

abossladyatwork wrote: Say you want him back without saying you want him back

finessing_sam._ wrote: I can understand that some people found it weird, but all I’m seeing is a little girl who knows she’s her dads twin and is having some fun with make up and with her mom. I think when it comes down to the audio there’s nothing weird about it, a parents love is “boundless” for their child, she’s a love baby, and despite all that might be going on she knows her parents love her. Not everything a child does has to be seen in a certain light or deemed as weird, some adults just automatically associate children of celebrities actions as weird because of what those parents in the spotlight be doing.

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