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2 Things People Expect Fayemi To Do After His Reaction To Brutalization Of Motorist By His Security



2 Things People Expect Fayemi To Do After His Reaction To Brutalization Of Motorist By His Security

A video has been trending where a motorist alleged that he was brutalized and his car damaged by security operatives attached to the convoy of Ekiti State Governors, Kayode Fayemi.

The victim identified as Dayo Oshituyi stated that the incident happened in Ondo State. Curiously, Oshituyi alleged that Governor Fayemi was in the convoy and he witnessed the incident when the security operatives brutalized him and damaged his car.

He shared a video showing himself and his damaged car. The video has gone viral and the incident has been greeted with widespread condemnation by members of the public. Several people that reacted argued that no citizen deserves such inhuman and illegal treatment meted out to Oshituyi. It was even disappointing enough that it came from the aides attached to a Governor.


However, Fayemi has reacted to the incident. He stated that he did not know about the incident as alleged. He added that an investigation has been launched into the incident and he called on the victim to help the state government as well as security agents with information to get to the root of the matter.

Well, Fayemi has made a step in the right direction by reacting to the incident. He also condemned the brutalization and revealed that it is being probed. But, beyond these, there are two things members of the public expect Fayemi to do to address the issue properly.

(1). Fayemi should replace the man’s car. This is the first thing he should do to calm down frayed nerves. As a Governor, Fayemi is well to do. Oshituyi’s car was badly damaged and he could be seen almost shedding tears as he kept saying ”just look at my car” in the viral video. Repairing the car will bring back the sad memory. To wipe it out, Fayemi needs to replace the car with a new one. Doing this will also calm the public down as many people are still furious about the incident. As a politician who may be nursing higher political ambitions, Fayemi needs the support of the public and a good reputation too. This kind of issue should be carefully handled.


(2). Fayemi needs to ensure that the perpetrators are punished. This has to be done openly so that both the victims and members of the public will testify to it. After the investigation, the security operatives that carried out the act should be fished out. Then, they should be punished and relieved of their jobs for overstepping their bounds and brutalizing a citizen in the manner they did. Ensuring that the perpetrators are punished will prove that Fayemi is not in support of the lawless security operatives that carried out that inhumane act. Others will also learn from the incident to behave themselves and stop abusing powers or brutalizing innocent citizens.

Below is the video of the incident:



By Chimezie Ochionuoha

Political/Public Affairs Analyst

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