Maria Apologises To Angel’s Dad For Calling Her Demeaning Names (VIDEO)

Maria has apologized to Angel’s dad for making some demeaning comments about his daughter.

Infoexpert24 recalls that Maria while on the show had a conversation where she alongside Nini and Peace gossiped about Angel.

In the conversation, Maria said Michael sees Angel like a ‘prostitute‘.

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Maria said Angel flirts with boys in the house, doesn’t respect relationships with the girls, and that Michael will not date her.

However, during the party, Maria approached Angel’s dad apologizing for what she said about his daughter.

According to her, she loves Angel and it was all a miscommunication.

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Maria in a viral video said: “I’m very sorry for all the things I said about your daughter. It was based on miscommunication.

“I do love your daughter, no disrespect of any kind to her.”

You can watch the video below: