Obiano Reveals Identity Of People Behind Killings In Anambra State
Willie Obiano

Anambra state Governor Obiano has revealed the identity of the People behind killings in the state. 

Infoexpert24 reports that  Obiano, on Friday linked the killings in Anambra state to politics and some desperate politicians who want to take over the state from him.

The Indigenous People of Biafra, IPOB, has been accused of orchestrating the attacks in the state over its ‘no Biafra, no election’ statement.

Obiano, however, stated that the forces behind the attacks are planning on scaring voters and seizing power in the state.

The Governor in a broadcast said, “We are in a very critical period of our evolution as a free society. Almost every day, we witness events that test our patience as members of a sane society and our resolve as those charged with the responsibility of providing leadership to our people.

“We are confronted by the sight of evil and the brazen display of callousness that is alien to our people. We see our brothers and sister bleed to death from wounds inflicted by their fellow compatriots. And we are forced to ask ourselves, “who is the enemy?”

“For us in Anambra State, we have just stepped into our decisive moment. 37 days from today, Ndi Anambra will decide who will be their next governor. The approaching election has created strange desperation among the political class-leading to acts that are not only inimical to the regime of peace that my administration has entrenched in our beloved state for eight years, but also a threat to democracy.

“The deliberate attempt to cheat the system and create the impression of chaos in Anambra State is a ploy by desperate political leaders to wet the ground and provide a perfect alibi for electoral malpractices. We are aware of this plot and we shall resist it with all our might”

He added that the state has been the safest state in Nigeria for eight years and the people of the state will not allow politicians to turn Anambra into a theatre of crime and absurdity.

He said: “The negative identity they are trying to foist on Anambra State shall not prevail. We shall rise together to protect our state, protect our communities and defend our democracy.

“Ndi Anambra, November 6, 2021, is our date with destiny. On that day, we shall decide whether we shall continue our steady march into the Promised Land or turn around and head back to Egypt. But we may do well to remember that my Team and I have changed the story of Anambra State in the past eight years.”

Obiano listed some of his projects that have placed the state in an enviable position to include; “A highly rated International Cargo and Passenger Airport, the largest Convention Center in Nigeria, a brand new Awka City Stadium, three gleaming flyovers, and 18 bridges. The Golden Tulip Agulu Lake Hotel, a thriving agricultural revolution, and solid education and health sectors.”

He added: “My administration has laid a formidable foundation for the Anambra of our dream. We have endeared our great party, the All Progressive Grand Alliance to Ndi Anambra with a stellar performance. Therefore, we do not doubt that our people know where to vote on November 6, 2021.

“We all have a role to play to keep our dear state safe and ensure that the coming election offers Anambra State a chance to stay on the highway of greatness. We have a moral duty to come out in our numbers and cast our votes according to our conscience on November 6, 2021.”