Amazon Unveils New Robot That Can See, Hear And Allows Video Chat (Video)
Amazon Astro robot

Amazon has finally unveiled a home-monitoring robot, called “Astro.” On Tuesday at their annual hardware and service event.

Infoexpert24 understands that Amazon’s new robot will be able to see, hear and follow you around the house and also allow consumers to video chat with their families.

Users can also use the robot to set up reminders, turn on TV shows or control smart devices at home. The robot’s safety and security features also let it alert homeowners who are away about possible break-ins or fires.

Amazon Unveils New Robot That Can See, Hear And Allows Video Chat (Video)

According to the AP, Astro will also be able to warn you if you leave the stove on. You will also receive a warning if someone they do not recognize enters your house.

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Astro “uses cameras, sensors and artificial technology to avoid walls or dogs,” the AP reports.

Astro can also carry snacks on his back and give them to anyone. Amazon also says it gets smarter with time.

“Astro has built-in sensors that help you navigate your home, as well as a periscope camera that pops up and allows you to do things like video chat with family and friends or use it as a security bot.”

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The cost is $ 1,000 and will be shipped to customers this year. According to reports, there is a limited amount of robots that would be sold. However, Amazon did not provide this number.

Watch the video of the Astro robot below: