Maria, Nina And Peace Gossips About Angel, Says Michael Sees Her Like A 'Prostitute' (VIDEO)

BBNaija housemates Maria, Nini, and Peace are of the o[inion that Michael sees Angel like a ‘prostitute.

Infoexpert24 reports that Maria during her time in the executive lounge on Friday with Nini and peace talked about their fellow housemates, but they focused on Angel and how she tries to seduce the guys in the Big brother Nigeria house.

Maria said Angel flirts with boys in the house and doesn’t respect relationships with the girls.

“Jackie told me how she felt about Angel being close to Michael. It’s so weird that you will get close to your friend’s man even if when she told you she like him.

“She is creating enemies for herself in the house and Michael doesn’t even like her like that. He sees her as a prostitute.

“Any guy that has sense in the house would run away from Angel because of her game. During one of my diary sessions, I told Biggie about Angels’ attitude and he shot me up,” she said.

Recall that Maria had berated Angel over her attitude with boys in the house.

When asked for her opinion on Angel’s relationship with the male housemates in the house, Maria during her diary session berated Angel, describing her as not being trustworthy and disrespectful in the house.

Below are some of the videos from their conversations;