Why EPL Could Stop Ronaldo from Wearing No 7 Shirt At Man Utd
Cristiano Ronaldo

Man Utd’s website crashed after they announce Cristiano Ronaldo signing today Infoexpert24 reports.

News of Cristiano Ronaldo‘s return to Manchester United has crashed the club’s official website.

The club’s website www.manutd.com could not handle the massive traffic Cristiano Ronaldo‘s return to the club generated as fans flocked to the site to see the news of Cristiano Ronaldo’s long-awaited move back to Old Trafford twelve years after he left the club to join Real Madrid.

How Cristiano Ronaldo Return To Man United Crashed Their Website
Cristiano Ronaldo

Several minutes after the post confirming Ronaldo’s transfer went live, United’s website crashed, blocking everyone out.

How Cristiano Ronaldo Return To Man United Crashed Their Website
Man United website crashed

Though at the time of filing this report, the website is already back and functioning.

The former Juventus Forward  Cristiano Ronaldo has penned an emotional farewell message to Juventus after electing to join Manchester United, thanking fans for their support during his three years in Turin.

‘Today I depart from an amazing club, the biggest in Italy and surely one of the biggest in all of Europe,’ he wrote on Instagram shortly after the move to United was confirmed.

‘I gave my heart and soul for Juventus and I’ll always love the city of Turin until my final days.

‘The “tiffosi bianconeri” always respected me and I tried to thank that respect by fighting for them in every game, every season, every competition.

‘In the end, we can all look back and realize that we achieved great things, not all that we wanted, but still, we wrote a pretty beautiful story together.

‘I will always be one of you. You are now part of my history, as I feel that I’m part of yours. Italy, Juve, Turin, tiffosi bianconeri, you’ll always be in my heart.’