Whitemoney Reveals Where Pere's Grudges Against Him Started From (Video)

Whitemoney, has said that Pere’s hatred towards him started from outside the house.

Whitemoney made this known on Wednesday during his diary session, he told Biggy that Pere seems to know him from outside the house.

According to Whitemoney, he didn’t know Pere from anywhere until they both met inside the Big brother house.

Whitemoney Reveals Where Pere's Grudges Against Him Started From (Video)

“After the altercations I had with him the head of house called the both of us and Boma as the agitator to settle the issue.

“He gave his side of his story and apparently he has been holding this grudge for me from outside the house. Pere’s hatred for me started from outside the house even though I don’t know him.

“He even started saying something about the wildcard that someone who works with the BBN team told me like say Biggy na my neighbor for house.

“I was really upset with the way I was treated but the moment he said he wasn’t going to apologize to me all my anger melted down. It became obvious that this guy naturally had very bad behavior.

“However, I told him that he can only do this inside Biggy’s house because if it were to be outside, I won’t be the one fighting him a lot of people will treat his fuck up,” he said.

You can watch the video below:




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