A Nigerian lady, Lisar Kanu said that if there are no cameras, Whitemoney will not cook for 22 people.

A lot of BBNaija fans believe the ‘story’ Whitemoney is selling about being selfless for cooking every day for the 22 housemates in the ongoing BBNaija reality show.

Lisar Kanu has rubbished that claim in a video shared on social media.

She was of the opinion that WhiteMoney is not being selfless for cooking. She asked if he wasn’t in the house, would he cook for 22 people or for his sisters if he was in a family house.

Lisar Kanu said:

“Remove the fact that he is your favorite. If there is no camera in the house, your favorite Whitemoney will not cook for 22 people. I like the guy. He has a serious strategy. That is a game. Anything for the 90 million is okay.”

Lisar argued that shortly after Pere took over the kitchen duties from Whitemoney, there was serious hunger in the house as most of the housemates refused to cook.

(VIDEO) "If There Are No Cameras, Whitemoney Will Not Cook For 22 People" - Kanu

In reality, Whitemoney will not cook for those women. Let me ask you if Whitemoney is not in Big Brother’s house, can he cook for his 12 sisters? Assuming that is a family house, will Whitemoney be that selfless? He is still an Igbo man. Don’t be carried away by your emotions she said

Watch the video she shared below:


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